Featured Vehicle Display

Featured Vehicle Display

Submit a Request to Display Your Vehicle at the 2021 PRI Trade Show

If you are interested in submitting your vehicle for consideration to be displayed at the PRI Show, please submit your Featured Vehicle request to: nicoleh@performanceracing.com.

Please note. Vehicles will not be featured in your booth. Vehicles will be displayed in designated areas outside the green and yellow halls.

Move IN & OUT Times:
Move IN - Tuesday, December 7th @ 5PM
Move OUT - Saturday, December 11th @ 4pm

Please include the following information when submitting your request:

  • Contact name
  • Company name
  • Phone number
  • Photo of car
  • Car description

The selection process is competitive, so please submit vehicles you feel reflect the best of the motorsports industry. We look forward to hearing from you, and potentially displaying your vehicle at the 2021 PRI Trade Show!

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