November 2020

Race Team Confidential: Team Midwest Miata Parts—Chris Armbruster, Columbus, Ohio

With multiple irons in the fire, this “motley crew” of Miata specialists is looking forward to a full—and successful—competition schedule in 2021.

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Ask The Experts: Batteries

Sizing? Voltage? Charging? Advise customers on the proper selection and care of their race car batteries year-round.

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Problem Solvers

Avoid busting knuckles with tools that slip using this creative DIY approach that originated in the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Nobody likes change, but everyone wants improvement. You may have heard a version of this before (I definitely borrowed it from somewhere). So it’s…

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The Next Game

Let’s be clear: 2020 wasn’t supposed to go down like this. 

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For years it’s been said that members of Congress are less popular than traffic jams. Know what else ranks higher than your public servants in DC,…

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Unleash More POWER With JMS Chip And Performance Products

JMS Chip is a manufacturer of high-quality electronic components for the Automotive and Powersports industries. They develop and design products that…

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Perfecting your vehicle’s exhaust system can increase your car’s horsepower and speed.

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Hot Shot's Secret-Sponsored Firepunk Diesel S10 Sets New World Record

The Hot Shot's Secret-sponsored Firepunk Diesel S10 broke the world record during the qualifying round of the Radial Vs. World class at No Mercy 11…

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Trailer Tested, Racer Approved & American Made

Pit Pal Products is the leader in outfitting trailers, shops, and garages with high-quality aluminum products to fulfill your organization needs. Why…

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Consumer Financing: Optimize Your Program With Training

​​​​​​​Evidence suggests that automotive merchants could help increase sales because by optimizing their consumer financing program. For example,…

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Isky Racing Cams on Valvetrain Maximization—Efficiency vs. Effectiveness

Isky explains the importance of valvetrain efficiency and how to maximize valvetrain stability without sacrificing power.

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