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America loves to race! Imagine 450,000 racers in the US involved in drag racing, sports car racing, stock car racing, open wheel racing and more. They’ll spend whatever it takes to win. There are over 1,300 race tracks in the US, most of which are running events featuring several classes of race vehicles each week.

Consider the tens of thousands of businesses that sell specialized parts and services to meet their customers’ plentiful need for speed. The pace of technological change is frantic as racers search out the next trick part, and fully functional parts are made obsolete by the month. Racers wear out the parts, crash the’s a frenzy of enthusiast purchasing power.

As globalization comes to racing, sales completed at the PRI Trade Show are sending race parts around the world. Engine parts, safety gear, suspension components, data acquisition systems, dynamometers, electronic fuel injection, machining equipment and much more.

All of this buying activity is reflected on the show floor of the PRI Trade Show. Thousands of racing entrepreneurs from 70 countries attend, with over 1,100 companies exhibiting the latest in hardcore racing components.

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The Performance Racing
Industry Trade Show

December 12 - 14, 2024
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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