2022 PRI Education Sessions

From preventing parts failures to gaining financial control of your business to understanding EV conversion opportunities, the 2022 PRI Education program at the annual PRI Trade Show offers invaluable information and training for every motorsports entrepreneur. Sessions cover three separate learning tracks—Business, EV & Tech. Complete recordings are available below.

Business Track

Strategies to Win in a Tough Economy

With the past two years having brought many changes and challenges, this session brings multiple different perspectives on adapting. Overall, we offer 10 suggestions that will have any attendee looking at their business very differently.

State of the Racing Market

How is the motorsports market doing in these interesting times? New research from PRI looks at the current state of the motorsports market, how businesses across the industry have fared with the return to tracks, and their expectations going forward.

Social Media Marketing Tips & Tricks

Take a dive into the business world of social media marketing! Expand your knowledge on creating content, boosting posts, and using different programs and tools to help along the way.

Women in Motorsports Panel

An all-female panel of industry professionals discuss their achievements, aspirations, challenges, triumphs, and efforts to engage and raise awareness among young women interested in pursuing motorsports as a career.

Facebook & IG: Better Results & Less Work (!)

This session offers a layman's view of the algorithms Meta uses to determine what content people see on Facebook and Instagram, giving you a better understanding of how slight adjustments (and LESS posting) can actually help you reach MORE potential customers on these popular channels.

The Race for Sponsorship

It's a crash course in everything racers need to know about finding, signing, and retaining sponsors, including why brands sponsor, what they expect in return for cash and product, how to create value for brands (even if you’re not winning), and much more!

Motorsports Sponsorship Sales in the Digital Era

Discover guiding principles and overarching tactics you can use to meet the interests and demands of today's brands and their marketing agencies, including new sponsorship sales strategies; social media strategies; and the current business climate's effect on sponsorships.

EV Track

Business Opportunities in the EV Conversion & Motorsports Markets

This session provides attendees with a clear understanding of the business opportunities and profit potential within the EV conversion and motorsport markets.

EV Performance: Pushing Limits & Breaking Records

This session, led by NHRA announcer Alan Reinhart, takes a look at some of the most eye-catching advances in EV performance and engineering, and how EV trailblazers are pushing the envelope and smashing records on track.

EVs: The Computer Modeling Connection

Computer modeling tools are readily available to simulate hybrid or full-electric race cars or hot rods. This session reviews basic nomenclature, part descriptions, and how simulation models can be constructed and used to optimize battery, motor, and driveline component requirements.

How to Get Your EV Wheels Turning

This session provides a concrete understanding of the anatomy of an EV, as well as an understanding of what to look for in an EV powertrain, and how the main systems in an EV get connected in order to get power to the wheels.

Racing and Performance Electrification: Testing/Safety/Technology

This session covers emerging capabilities in electrification, including advanced chemistries and near-fielded technologies; safety and certification within performance applications; and considerations for everyone from builders and integrators all the way through to safety crews.

EV Racing & Generations Next

This session covers strategies and approaches to educating future fans and motorsports professionals on the skills necessary to succeed as a team today and in the future, including ways to develop the transportation workforce and customer base of tomorrow in order to promote sustainability and help keep new EV performance jobs in the US.

Tech Track

How to Choose the Right Turbocharger

There are many different sizes, shapes, materials and configurations available for modern turbochargers. In this session, we take a deep dive into a selection process that can be utilized by any shop or race team looking to make better turbocharging decisions.

Failure Analysis: Broken Parts and the Tales They Tell

Many failures have been well documented throughout the history of the engine. We share where to find the supporting documentation, the how and why behind these assessments, and what countermeasures can be taken if the failure is material, procedure or environmental.

The Shake, Rattle & Roll Of Cranks & Bearings

This session provides a better understanding of the compound loading of high-performance crankshaft bearings application. We examine wear characteristics of engine main bearings with the effects of crankshaft balancing, torsionals, frequencies, and harmonics.

Unlocking Horsepower Through A Systems Approach

Improving performance takes more than just swapping parts. By focusing on finding synergies within a system—for example, cylinder bore surface finish and piston ring face coatings—hidden potential can be unlocked. Learn how to make the right decisions for your budget and objectives by changing how you think about and approach parts.

The Ultimate Dirt Late Model Setup Session

Directly targeting dirt late model competitors, this seminar covers setup thoughts and theories, and how to both approach new setups and work through issues that often baffle weekly racers.

Clean Performance Tuning for the Future (Although You Should Be Doing it Now!)

In this seminar, we discuss programs you can participate in to reduce your risk and exposure as a performance shop/tuner; processes for tuning to improve engine performance; and processes for tuning to improve emissions, measuring for accuracy and fuel economy increases as well.

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