Kooks Headers, From DIY to Conquering the Racing World


Kooks Headers & Exhaust dates back to 1962 when George “Papa” Kook used a gas torch to build his first set of headers for his family race car. Kook competed weekly at the Islip raceway on New York’s Long Island in his red 1958 Skylark and wasn’t happy with the speeds the car was hitting in the quarter-mile. He made his own headers and racked up more than 200 wins. It wasn’t long before his competition was asking for some headers.


For the ensuing 50 years, Kooks has concentrated its efforts in the racing world.  From drag to circle track to road racing, motorcycle, and even offshore powerboats, Kooks Headers has helped set records and win races. Some of the dominant names in NHRA, IHRA, NMCA, NMRA, NASCAR, SCCA, and NASA continue to run Kooks headers. 


Kooks Headers & Exhaust also offers production applications for many late-model domestic automobiles. Kooks prides itself on being pioneers in stainless-steel header design and fabrication and has become an innovator in the exhaust industry as a whole. Kooks designs, tests and manufacturers all its own equipment. 


A diverse skillset gives the company the ability to offer an array of custom services. The company’s craftsman are capable of bending mandrel tubes, welding, forming, notching, burning custom flanges and producing specialty collectors. Kooks can also finish off the package with racing mufflers and tips. In addition, they offer private-label work for your exhaust or tube bending needs. 

To learn about everything Kooks has to offer including its Custom/Specialty page, visit: https://kooksheaders.com.



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