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What treasures did you discover in Indianapolis?

Every PRI Show unearths some hidden gems, whether it be in the horsepower-generating form, or suspension, machinery, tooling, software, oil, pit equipment, safety gear, I can go on and on. 

One of the advantages to attending the PRI Show in person, and intentionally walking aisle by aisle looking carefully at each booth and the products on display, is that attendees often discover a new component, technical innovation, or piece of equipment that they weren’t aware of before entering the Indiana Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium. I have experienced numerous conversations on the third day of the PRI Show over the years when buyers have enthusiastically revealed to me that they placed an order for a new product to add to inventory or a new machine that saves time or ups their game against their competitors. They were anticipating their return to their businesses so they could share the good news with their customers. So many products, so many aisles, so many hidden gems.

I refer to “hidden gems” because quite often a product will be marketed toward one type of race car but it can easily cross over into others. For example, there could be a product that was designed by a dirt late model racer for that segment, but then after having a conversation with a drag racer, or a business owner who focuses on the autocross segment, the designer realizes that innovative new idea can benefit a wider slice of the motorsports market than first intended.

People often ask me why the PRI Show isn’t segmented into drag racing, open wheel, off-road, road racing, and more. Well, it’s for the exact reason that we want you to find those components or services that may otherwise have been overlooked by not visiting that section of the Show floor. 

Now that we’ve settled back into our rhythm and begin the new race season, it’s how we utilize what we discovered at PRI that will impact 2024. Follow up on sending an email or making a call to that new contact you met. If you want more information about a product or piece of equipment and haven’t heard back from the manufacturer, reach out. Did any words of advice ring true in one of the PRI Education seminars? What about some technical advice that you want to try out? Follow through and implement that this month. Heck, being leap year, we get an extra day this month, so aim for the 29th as a deadline.

While the PRI Show can inspire us, we need to be intentional and proactive to incorporate those hidden gems—whether they be products or knowledge—into our racing or business programs. Make the best use of your PRI experience. 



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