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One car in this month’s profile of popular race vehicles is street legal, while the other was driven on the street while not street legal, which landed the driver in the local jail.


2012 Chevrolet Caprice

Breonna West  Clarksville, Tennessee

Race Series/Class: Women & Wheels

Engine: 408 LS built by Texas Speed & Performance

Car: Built by Renegade Racing in Clarksville, Tennessee

Features: ProCharger F1A, 2-Stage Nitrous Outlet kit, XS Power battery, Tick Performance camshaft, wrapped by CWraps, Battle Born powder-coated TBM Brakes

Facts: Breonna’s husband, Thomas West, went to jail for driving the car on the street. It makes 1,750 whp.



2021 Porsche Cayman GTS 4.0L

KJ Crumb  Minneapolis, Minnesota

Race Series/Class: SCCA Class Super Street R (SSR)

Engine: Mid-engine, 4-liter flat-six, naturally aspirated 

Car: Work by RENNtech and Further Performance 

Features: Toyo R888R DOT Competition tires, Porsche dual-clutch transaxle

Facts: In 2023, Crumb won a regional series championship and a national
championship with this car, and it’s street legal.

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