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PRO-STOCK Hydraulic Roller Lifter/Guide Assemblies for Chrysler Hemi Engines

Elgin Industries

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New hydraulic roller lifter/guide assemblies are now available from Elgin Industries in Elgin, Illinois. These assemblies are compatible with the 2004 and above 5.7L, 6.1L, and 6.4L Hemi engines without Multiple Displacement System (MDS) cylinder deactivation. Every PRO-STOCK lifter/guide assembly is pre-assembled for quick, accurate installation. Three assembly sets are available: HLG-7013A includes four lifters assembled in one guide, HLG-7013FRA includes four assemblies for one engine, and HLG-7013A-12 has 12 assemblies for three engines.
Rick Simko of Elgin Industries stated, “We have fielded countless calls from engine builders and performance enthusiasts who are looking for an expanded range of true OE-quality parts for Hemi engines. These new performance lifter/guide assemblies join a growing range of PRO-STOCK parts—including pushrods, valve springs, timing sets, and head bolt kits—available for the most popular Hemi applications.”

F 15 O Leaded Oxygenated Fuel

Fuel Factory

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Fuel Factory, a provider of high-performance racing fuels, based in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, introduces its new leaded oxygenated fuel, F 15 O. This new fuel was developed with engine builders Philip and Jay Oakley of Oakley Motorsports in Owensboro, Kentucky.
F 15 O is an oxygenated version of Fuel Factory’s F15 fuel that was specifically designed for use in large cubic-inch, naturally aspirated drag racing and truck pulling applications. The fuel has been rigorously tested on-track and has shown a larger tuning window and increased resistance to weather changes. In fact, F 15 O has already earned victories in several NHRA Super Gas and Super Comp events this year, along with high-dollar bracket races.
“As both a builder and user of Fuel Factory products, I can confidently say they’re integral to our success,” said Jay Oakley. “Their flexibility and commitment to listening to racers’ needs ensure we get the best performance on the track.”


Hostile Industries

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Racers looking for a convenient way to steer their vehicle remotely when it’s powered off can do so with ease thanks to the Steering Buddy from Hostile Industries in Anniston, Alabama.
Made out of 6061 aluminum and weighing less than 17 pounds, the Steering Buddy is a self-contained device that attaches directly to the steering shaft or column of almost any dirt, asphalt, or drag car. It’s designed to eliminate the need for another crew member by allowing racers to easily maneuver their vehicles around the garage or race shop, on and off the trailer, and through tech inspection with the touch of a button.
“This one simple device completely changes the way racers and teams transport their cars,” said Mike Pearl. “It puts out enough torque to steer your car—in all conditions—when it’s not running. Jobs that were previously impossible with just one person are now totally manageable.”
The Steering Buddy installs in seconds, and each unit comes with its own male coupler or clamp that affixes it to the steering column. In fact, every device consists of over 100 individual parts assembled in-house, and all laser-cutting and powder coating is done locally.
Once in place, the Steering Buddy can be controlled multiple ways: manually, through a dedicated iPhone or Android app, or via a new wireless hand controller. And, it runs off your tool battery, which means it doesn’t draw power away from the vehicle.
“Years of R&D work went into the Steering Buddy to make sure it would perform flawlessly, in all applications and environments,” Pearl added.
In addition to making transport of the race car easier, the Steering Buddy can be used to check caster and camber, set up Ackerman, and handle countless other tasks that would otherwise require another set of hands.

8.6 mm Direct Fit Ignition Wires

BluePrint Engines

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BluePrint Engines in Kearney, Nebraska, which is known for its crate engines, has announced a new line of 8.6-mm Direct Fit Ignition Wires. Designed to enhance performance and simplify installation, these ignition wires are compatible with GM LS, small and big block Chevy, small block Ford, and small block Chrysler engines.
The BluePrint Engines performance spark plug wire kits come fully assembled with both the spark plug end and distributor (or coil pack on LS applications) ends pre-terminated and ready for installation. This provides a solution for those who are seeking a reliable, ready-to-use and easy-to-install set of ignition wires in equal lengths.
Several features of ignition wires include an optimized design with a large 8.6-mm size that ensures ultimate spark delivery and strength, professionally crimped spark plug and distributor boot ends that provide a hassle-free installation and maximum performance, double silicone jackets for extreme durability providing long-lasting use, maximum spark delivery with only 40 ohms resistance, and they are made in the USA.

The Trouble with Howard

Ground Effects Marketing

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What could possibly go wrong if a skunk was in the pits at an auto race?
“The Trouble with Howard” is a new children’s book based on a real-life story about two auto racers and their pet skunk, available from Ground Effects Marketing in Auburn, Alabama.
The 48-page hardcover book is a collaboration between author and motorsports veteran Lee Anne Patterson and acclaimed racing illustrator Roger Warrick.
The story is based on the experiences of driver and mechanic Howard Millican and his wife, Anita. The latter became the first woman licensed IndyCar mechanic in 1980. She was also the first woman to go over the pit wall during pit stops at IndyCar races as a pit crew member. She was the jack “man.”
The book promotes gender equality and encourages girls to tackle STEM careers. It also suggests how to handle bullies and ways to display good sportsmanship.
In addition, it inspires compassion toward animals. A portion of the proceeds will go to animal rescue operations.
Patterson wrote the book for children who are 5 to 8 years old. Each page carries Warrick’s colorful illustrations like a picture book.
The book chronicles the story of an injured wild skunk who was treated and adopted by Howard and Anita Millican before they were married. They named him “Trouble,” and he travels with the couple from race to race.

Sportsman Steel Shaft Rockers


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Lakewood, New Jersey-based Jesel engineers have combined the innovative features of the company’s Pro Aluminum Rockers with the durability of its Pro Steel Rockers. Jesel Sportsman Steel Shaft Rockers offer engine builders a solution in high strength steel rockers at an affordable price. These rockers can be seamlessly integrated as an upgrade to existing Pro Aluminum shaft rocker systems or ordered as standalone components.
Every Sportsman Steel shaft rocker is built with the same high- quality components as Jesel’s Pro Aluminum series, but enhanced for superior durability. These rockers feature a .625-inch wide body with an ultralight slot to reduce both weight and moment of inertia, making them perfect replacements for Pro Aluminum bodies.
Jesel Sportsman Steel Rockers are equipped with a .360-inch wide non-needle valve tip roller and a cup-style tool steel adjuster, designed to endure high lift and high spring pressure applications. Optional upgrades include needle bearing nose rollers and ball-style lash adjuster. The precise rocker geometry minimizes roller movement on the valve tip, while the premium alloy steel construction and thorough hardening heat-treatment, topped with a black oxide coating, ensure years of dependable service and corrosion resistance.
These rockers are specifically designed to excel in extreme conditions, making them ideal for turbocharged, supercharged, nitrous, endurance, and marine engines.

Super Damper with HTD Drive for Chevy LS3 Camaro

ATI Performance

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ATI Performance Products in Baltimore, Maryland, has released its Super Damper for Chevy V8 LS-based engine applications for Z-Body Camaro and Gen 3 and 4 Vortec Trucks. Part #918657 is an OEM-sized, 7.48-inch aluminum shell damper for high-performance and Non-A/C applications. The main accessory drive is a six-groove serpentine on the outer shell, in the OEM location, and also features a bolt-on, 8-mm pitch HTD, 31-tooth drive on the hub in the OEM A/C location. This can be used for any aftermarket accessory of the customer’s choice.
The damper comes with laser-etched timing marks, a single 3/16 keyway, 4140 heat-treated hub, and exceeds SFI 18.1 Certification. This damper will fit in the OEM location on LS3 2010–2015 Camaro; Gen 3 and 4 Vortec Truck 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L; LS1, LS2 2003–2006 SSR; and LS2 2006–2009 Trailblazer 5.3L, 6.0L.
This damper replaces the OEM GM balancer #12675620 and #19300488 in applications with the OEM main accessory locations where the use of a rear HTD drive is needed.

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