National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA) Championships

Location: Bowling Green, Ohio | Date: August 18–20


Unlike other PRI Road Tour stops, speed wasn’t the main goal during our recent visit to “Pull Town, USA.” Instead, distance pulled was the name of the game for competitors at the 55th annual NTPA Championships. This special pulling event featured five action-packed sessions across three days with a full range of trucks and tractors, inlcuding four wheel and two wheel drive, small modified and modified, light unlimited and unlimited, Super Farm, Super Stock Diesel and Super Stock Diesel four wheel drive, Pro Stock, Super Semi, Super Stock Open and Light Super Stock classes.

Pits were open so fans could see how these beasts of race vehicles are meticulously prepared for competition. They might look like standard-issue farm equipment, but the similarities end at the body and tires. The engines alone look like something fit for a jet, and... well, see for yourself in the exclusive photo gallery below.

Photo Gallery

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