Briggs & Stratton

Location: Shawano, Wisconsin


The PRI Road Tour dropped in on USAir Motorsports Park in Shawano, Wisconsin, to connect with small engine provider Briggs & Stratton. The Wisconsin-based manufacturer was on-hand for the Cup Karts North America series, which exclusively runs Briggs & Stratton 602 race engines. “The racing history of Briggs & Stratton dates back to the ‘tinkerers’ who were taking some of our utility engines, putting them on go-karts, and having a great time,” said Dan Roche, Director of Motorsports at Briggs & Stratton, which also offers lawn mower and generator engines.

“Slowly, that evolved into a product line, and a number of years ago, we started making engines dedicated to motorsports,” continued Roche, who was in the pits, ready to assist racers with last-minute installation questions or needs.

“With the platforms we have, our 602s, it really comes down to the driver and how the driver gives feedback, and it’s so cool to have that; where I really have no excuses,” said karter Emily DeMaster. “I love what [Briggs & Stratton] are doing with the 602s, plus Dan [and his staff are always here to] help us with club and series stuff. How they make the racers feel is what really separates them.”

For more information, visit the Briggs & Stratton website here.


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