FTI Race Torque Converters and Transmissions: Best Pricing of the Season!

FTI Gen 3 XPM billet bolt together torque converter. Each piece is interchangeable to make it self-tunable.

FTI Gen 3 XPM billet bolt together torque converter. Each piece is interchangeable to make it self-tunable.

The leading automatic drivetrain specialist, FTI Performance, announces their best pricing of the season sale. With big discounts on torque converters, automatic transmissions, Sniper gearboxes and transmission parts, this is the one time all year that you can get a great price for your race car! Whether it be a fast-flying drag car headed into race season or a huge mud-bogging truck ready to get dirty, FTI Converters has everything you need to help you win your race.  

The sale includes, but is not limited to, Gen 3 XPM billet bolt together torque converters and other race car torque converters. Maybe it's time to update that transmission?  

FTI 2-piece Powerglide Case with removable bellhousing. 

How about the 2-piece Powerglide case, which features a removable bellhousing, is SFI-approved and fits LS and LT engines? Or maybe you need a TH400 transmission kit which is race-prepped in a factory Chevy case and includes the transmission, billet converter, 3 gallons of FTI fluid, a dipstick and tube and a cooler kit with lines and fittings.

FTI Gearbox
FTI's Sniper Gearbox.

Have a big truck that you are going to take to the mud? The Sniper Gearbox by FTI Performance is completely customized aftermarket Gearbox transfer case. The gearbox is designed using CAD/CAM programs and machined from billet materials. All gears have an AGMA 11 finish. By combining the finish grinding processes, FTI can hold a tighter centerline with better concentricity, which makes the box extremely quiet. With options from 10" to 24" transfer cases, FTI is the best place to buy your next transfer case. 

Did we mention that FTI Converters can offer an optional LIFETIME warranty on all converters? Yup! For the life of your converter, FTI will take care of any issues.  

Whether you are drag racing, mud racing, or just want more performance for your race car, FTI Performance has you covered. Contact FTI today to start your custom torque converter, transmission or Sniper Gearbox! Call 386-736-5816 or email info@ftiperformance.com


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