eBay Bans Non-Emissions-Compliant Tuning Parts, Accessories 

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eBay has banned the sale of automotive tuning devices that defeat the factory emissions systems. 

The announcement was likely primarily due to policy and regulations implemented by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Under the Clean Air Act, the EPA can charge eBay up to $4,819 for each non-compliant part sold through its site, according to published reports. 

Any product that may “bypass, defeat, or render inoperative emission-control systems” is not allowed either on its own or when combined with other hardware or software.

Prohibited components include, but are not limited to:

  • ​Tuners, services, software or devices that modify the performance of vehicles, such as cars, trucks and off-road vehicles
  • Aftermarket standalone (non-OEM) electronic control unit (ECU), including full electronic fuel injection (EFI) conversion kits
  • Powertrain or exhaust parts intended for “race only” or “off-road only”
  • Active fuel management/Dynamic fuel management or auto start-stop disablers
  • Blocking plates for emission control systems
  • Products that remove factory catalytic converters (CAT) or diesel particulate filters (DPF), selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)
  • Throttle response controllers
  • Exhaust servo eliminators
  • Devices intended to bypass or reduce flow to oxygen sensors

For more information, visit the eBay Emissions Control Defeat Devices Policy here.

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