PRI And NCMA Join Forces To Protect Racing In North Carolina


Performance Racing Industry (PRI) has joined forces with the North Carolina Motorsports Association (NCMA) to protect racing in the Tar Heel State—home to over 50 race tracks and over 30,000 motorsports jobs. As the leading advocacy group for the racing industry, PRI unites motorsports businesses, race teams, racers, and fans to strengthen the industry’s ability to advocate and protect motorsports.  

PRI is committed to growing and protecting the racing community from threats, including government overreach. Working with PRI, NCMA is actively fighting against Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) overreach and urging NCMA members and the North Carolina motorsports community to join in RPM Week on August 2-6. 

“Motorsports has a long history as an American tradition, and yet the industry is at great risk,” said David Miller, NCMA executive director. “Working with PRI and the entire motorsports community, we will be able to make our voices heard and protect the hobby well into the future.”

As part of the EPA’s National Compliance Initiative, aftermarket parts businesses are being targeted and jeopardized. Companies are being fined and risk being shut down. The RPM Act is a bill that will protect the racing industry by clarifying that it is legal to convert street vehicles into dedicated race cars, and it ensures that motorsports parts businesses can legally produce, market, and install racing products. 

The bipartisan bill was recently introduced in the US House of Representatives by Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC), with Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC) serving as the lead Republican cosponsor. Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) is serving as the lead sponsor of the RPM Act in the US Senate and is working closely with the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee to position the bill for reintroduction and passage in 2021. Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) has served as an original cosponsor of the RPM Act and is a strong supporter of the legislation. The RPM Act must be passed into law to ensure that the motorsports-parts industry can continue to sell products that enable racers to compete, and that racers can continue to convert street vehicles into dedicated race cars. 

NCMA and PRI are joining forces to make our voices heard in the state. During RPM Act Week, North Carolinians are urged to raise awareness of the bill by posting on social media, linking to articles, and writing legislators to support the bill and pass it into law. Supporters can write to their legislators by visiting and downloading images for social media by visiting

“This is the time for the race community to band together and make their voices heard,” said Miller. “We must work together to protect our rights and save our race cars.” 

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