Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Announces Exclusive Partnership With Hoosier Tire

Officials of the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series have announced an exclusive partnership with Hoosier Tire as the "Official" Race Tire for the series and a new tire rule implemented for all series sanctioned events in 2013.

The new agreement with Hoosier Tire will reduce the amount of tires needed including limited compounds and constructions.
With this new agreement the LOLMDS is taking steps to reduce the costs and burden of carrying so many tires to a LOLMDS event. The series has always welcomed two tire manufacturers to compete on the series, but the competition among the tire companies created too many compounds and new constructions for race teams to keep up with and be prepared.

With its previous tire rule, race teams were having to purchase the same amount of tire constructions and compounds as compared to the open tire rules before the series began.
As the series has evolved since its inception in 2005, the LOLMDS tire rules have always been a priority to keep costs down and preparation time as little as possible. As the series schedule grew to different parts of the country and new venues, it became apparent that different tire compounds and constructions worked better at certain tracks more than others.

Because of this, the series would implement a "Punch 40" tire rule with the best compounds for those areas, along with allowing local competitors to use the tires they had in their racks to try and minimize the tire bills for the local and regional racers. Because both manufacturers wanted to win, they continued to develop new compounds and constructions for all parts of the country, making it impossible to limit constructions as both brands would gain an unfair advantage at different venues.
"With the previous tire rule, it made events like the Show-Me 100 and Topless 100 very complicated with no less than a dozen tire choices to be made during a drivers tire selection. We were hearing from the local and regional drivers and the series drivers loud and clear that they wanted something done for the past two years. We notified our drivers in yearly meetings that we were working on this type of tire rule," stated Ritchie Lewis, Series Director, Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series.
With this new agreement, and with Hoosier Tire as the exclusive race tire of the LOLMDS, competitors will now have fewer compounds and one construction to purchase. Hoosier Tire has replated six of their current rib construction Right Rear tires.

The LOLMDS will continue to limit the amount of compounds used at events from the six available compounds. These six tires will be shoulder plated and carry a 01/1300, 02/1320, 03/1350, 04/1425, 05/1450 and 06/1640 numbering system with the four-digit compound number everyone is familiar with underneath the new numbering system. Everyone can find the legal tire compounds for each LOLMDS event at the series website
The left rear and front tires on the car will see similar limitations. Competitors will choose a rib constructed Hoosier Tire for the left rear and steer tires. The series will continue to limit the amount of compounds used for the rib constructed tires on these three corners (LR & Fronts) that work best and are used at each track. This will allow race teams to use the rib constructed tires and compounds they have in stock on these three mentioned corners of their cars.
Hoosier recently started producing two new 28.5 rib constructed tires (left rear/fronts) that are identical to the LM20 & LM40. The new tires (1320 & 1640) will allow racers to purchase these tires to coincide with the right rear 02/1320 & 06/1640 selected tires at designated tracks. The series will allow the LM20 & LM40 at designated tracks where 02/1320 & 06/1640 compounds are permitted.
All the tires will be rib construction and treaded tires. This will allow a budget-minded racer to purchase the softest right rear tire before an event. When the racer performs well and transfers to the main event, the racer may need a different right rear tire for the feature event. Because the tires are treaded this will allow the racer to purchase the desired feature tire at the last minute and have enough time to have it mounted and cut for completion in time for the feature event.
The tires will be mandatory and available for the next series event at Brownstown Speedway in Brownstown, Indiana, on March 23. For more information about the "16th Annual Indiana Icebreaker," visit the track website at
For further questions, call Rick Schwallie at 951/403-1609 or Kenny Kenneda at 951/746-8577.

Right Rear Tire Legend:

92.0/11.0-15 LATE MODEL 

01 = 1300

02 = LM20/1320

03 = 1350

04 = 1425

05 = 1450

06 = LM40/1640 (these tires will have D-55 Shoulder Plate)

For the latest breaking news on the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, visit the series' website at

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