PRI 2020: Machinery Row Exhibitors

With such a diverse range of equipment available in Machinery Row, PRI Trade Show attendees are advised to prepare an essential shopping list of must-see manufacturers and displays ahead of time. In addition, technical and sales personnel will be on hand throughout all three days of the Show to offer tips and direction for improved shop workflow. At press time, the following suppliers were scheduled to exhibit; for updated listings and booth numbers, please visit

Abbott Workholding Products

Lathe Jaws (Soft Top Jaws), Tooling Columns

ABS Products and Trader Magazine

Abrasive Blasting Cabinets, Specialty Tools

Accelerated Surface Finishing

Accelerated Surface Finishing Systems

AERA – Engine Builders Association

Engine Specification Software & Manuals


Indimicro and Friction Rig

AXE Equipment

Cleaning Equipment




Bad Dog Tools

Tools for Cutting and Drilling


Dragon A400, Dragon A150, Bend-Tech Software

Blaser Swisslube Inc

B-Cool GR 620, Synergy 735


Abrasive Blast Cabinet, Soda Blast Cabinet

Blue Demon Welding Products

Welding Machines, Filler Metals, Hoods

Brush Research Manufacturing

Automotive Brushes and Flex-Hone Tools

Burr King Manufacturing Co Inc

Deburring Equipment




Centroid Performance Racing

CNC Turnkey Machining Centers

Chick Workholding Solutions Inc

Workholding for CNC Milling


Evaporative Cooling Fans & Infrared Heaters

Corghi USA Inc

Tire Changers and Wheel Balancers

CWT Industries

Balancing Services

Cylinder Head Abrasives

Machine Shop Supplies




Delta Custom Tools

Cap Grinder & Pressure Tester

Drydene Performance Products –Drydene Racing Formulas (DRF)

Racing Oils and Engine Lubricants

DSI – Autodesk Advanced Manufacturing VAR

Fusion 360, PowerMill, Fusion w/ FeatureCam


American Made Power Tools

Dynapack Dynamometers

Dynapack Chassis Dynamometers

Dynocom Industries Inc

Hub & Chassis Dynos, Injector Machine

Dynojet Research Inc

Dynamometer, Off-Road Products

DYNOmite Dynamometer

Chassis, Axle-Hub, and Engine Dynamometers




Farris Equipment

Engine Rebuilding Equipment


Parts Washers



Giant Finishing

Vibratory Finishing Equipment & Blasters

Goodson Tools & Supplies
for Engine Builders

Tools, Tooling, Machines for Engine Builders

H&W Machine Repair and Rebuild Inc

Mill, Lathe, Grinder Parts and Services

Hangsterfer’s Metalworking Lubricants

Full Line of Metalworking Lubricants

Hastings Air Energy Control Inc

Welding Fume & Mist Collectors, Air Cleaners

HE&M Saw Inc

Utility Band Saws

HEIDENHAIN Corporation

CNC Controls, DROs, Linear Encoders

Hunter Engineering Company

Wheel Aligner, Tire Changers, Wheel Balancer

Huth Ben Pearson International LLC

Pipe Bender, Tooling, End Forming Collectors

Indiana Oxygen Company

Welding and Cutting Equipment

IPG Photonics

LaserCube Laser Cutting Machine

Irontite by Kwik-Way

Valve Refacer, Flywheel Grinder, Diesel

JMR Manufacturing


Joe Baker Equipment Sales Inc

Seat Guide Refacer, Cyl. Head Bench

JPW – Jobbers Warehouse Supply Inc

Engine Parts for Racing, OE, Diesel, Coating

J-TEC Associates Inc

Flow Meters, Hand-Held Flow Meter Displays

Kaeser Compressors Inc

Industrial Air Compressors

Laser Marking Technologies LLC

Laser Marking Machines

Lincoln Electric Co

Fabrication Equipment to Welding Equipment

Machined Concepts Inc

Machined Parts

Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers

Hub Dyno


Mastercam CAD/CAM Software

Maxiforce Diesel Engine Parts

Piston, Gaskets, Liner, Ring Set

MB Metal Technologies LLC

Portable Battery-Operated Patmark Pinmarkers


MetalMizer Band Saw

Millennium Machinery

CNC Swiss Lathe and Bar Loader

Miller Electric Mfg LLC

Welding and Cutting Equipement and PPE

Millner-Haufen Tool Co


Mustang Dynamometer


Neway Manufacturing

Valve and Valve Seat Reconditioning Tools

Nitro Manufacturing

Pit Equipment

Oberlin Filter Company

Automated CNC Machining Pressure Filter

OMAX Corporation

Abrasive Waterjet Systems

Online Resources Inc

3D Scanner Inspection & Reverse Engineering Software


Machinery and Work Holding

Performance Plus The Leading Edge

Shop Supplies

Pit Weld U

Welding Workshops, Classes and Welder Testing

Pro Ultrasonics

Ultrasonic Precision Cleaning Equipment

Quaker Houghton Connect

Honing Oil, Machine Coolant

QualCast LLC

Valve Train and Aluminum Cylinder Heads


Engine Rebuilding Supplies and Shop Supplies

RMC Engine Rebuilding Equipment

Engine Remanufacturing Equipment

Robins Seat and Guide

Robins Seat and Guide Machine, Valve Refacers

Rottler Mfg

CNC Machines

RT Sales

Engine Rebuilding Equipment


Parts Cleaning, Lubricants

Band Saws, Blades and Parts

SB International Inc

Valve Train Components

Serdi – Comec

Engine Rebuilding Equipment and Machine Tools

Service Precision Grinding Inc

TDR/SRD Drill Sharpening/Grinding Machines


Hand Deburring Tools, Wire Stripping Tools

Shop Crane by Gorbel

Overhead Crane System

Silver Seal Products

Engine Parts and Shop Supplies


Complete Line of Dynamometer Test Cells

SP AIR Corporation

Pneumatic Tool

Strong Hand Tools

Welding Clamps, Welding Tables

Sunnen Products Company

Honing Machines, Tools, and Accessories


SF-PowerMark, SF-750 Flowbench, SF-902S


TopSolid CAD/CAM Software

Trak Machine Tools

CNC Mills, Lathes, and 3D Printers


Metal Fabrication Tools, Metal Shaping Tools


Power Tools, 2D Laser Cutting Machines

Turner Technology

Balancing Machine

UltraSonic LLC

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines, Soap, and Filters

Whitney Tool Company Inc

Milling Cutters and Tooling Accessories

Winona Van Norman

Washers, Crankshaft Grinder, Vibratory Equipment

Woodward Fab

Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment     

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