PRI Show Report: Top Products Honored


Industry insiders and trendsetters tabbed select motorsports parts and accessories, from composite engine parts to welding products, for recognition in Performance Racing Industry’s first-ever Featured Product Awards program.

Alex Taylor knows what’s best for her race car and didn’t let a little personal apprehension keep her from selecting the innovative StraightGate 50 wastegate from Turbosmart in Ontario, California, as her Judge’s Pick in the first-ever Featured Product Awards at the PRI Trade Show. 

“Something that we’ve dealt with back and forth with our own car is the CO2-controlled wastegates,” said Taylor, a popular YouTube star with an in-depth series that details the start-to-finish buildup she and her father, Dennis, performed on a rusted-out 1955 Chevy 210. Powered by a 3,000-horsepower 525-cubic-inch twin-turbo BBC, the car has run in the mid-7s at more than 185 mph.

“We’re actually running Turbosmart wastegates, but we go back and forth with trying to figure out fluctuating air pressure. With the precision and consistency that the StraightGate50 would allow, I can see it being a game-changer,” she added, noting that choosing a product based on her personal needs was somewhat self-serving. “I hated to choose it based on that. There were lots of great new products. But that one stood out to me because I have a newfound understanding of why it’s important. That’s the reason I chose it.”

Featured Product Awards judge Garrett Reed of AmericanMuscleHD reviews hundreds of new parts and accessories on display in Lucas Oil Stadium’s dedicated product showcase. His top pick: Composite Lifters by AWA Forged Composites.

Taylor was soon comforted after hearing three of the other judges also selected the StraightGate 50 as their top pick. The panel of 12 judges boasted a wide diversity of racing backgrounds, including track operators, sanctioning body officials, social media influencers, and traditional media. As a team, they selected standouts in eight different categories from some 350 entries in the PRI Show’s Featured Products Showcase, and then made a Judge’s Pick of a product that had the biggest impact on them individually.

NHRA Director of Multimedia Content David Kennedy selected the Pro Series brushless spur-gear fuel pump from Fuelab in Collinsville, Illinois, as his Judge’s Pick. 

“The idea of the spur gear, based on the specs, it’ll support 2,500 horsepower,” explained Kennedy. “It’s a flow-through design with a brushless pump. It’s going to be durable and flow a ton of fuel. And I have great experience with Fuelab products.

“It’s the idea of having a reliable, consistent fuel supply,” he added. “The fuel pump is usually at the opposite end from the engine on the vehicle and can often cause many problems. So, if they can make that one choice easy, then every racer benefits.”

Garrett Reed has an Instagram page called AmericanMuscleHD that has more than 2.2 million followers. He chose a product that is still in the prototype and testing stage, but one he feels is very unique.

A 12-judge panel of race track operators, sanctioning body officials, social media influencers, and traditional media selected standouts in eight different categories from some 350 entries in the PRI Show’s Featured Products Showcase.

“I’ll be honest, it was just the only thing that seemed really different,” he said of the composite lifters from AWA Forged Composites, a company based in Rolling Hills Estates, California, that is developing and testing composite engine parts, such as pushrods, rocker arms, connecting rods, and pistons. Those components are traditionally aluminum or steel.

“All the other products that we saw were a new design, but I’ve never seen somebody take composite materials and use it as an internal engine part,” Reed explained. “I know it’s obviously lighter than standard material used on lifters. I want to see how this works. I want to know if it can hold up to the stress of standard materials that have been used for years. So, it’s the one thing that just caught my eye.”

About two-dozen PRI exhibitors received either a Judge’s Pick or a Category Award through the Featured Product Awards program. Following is the complete list of winners.

Best Accessory Product 

FLASH Integrated Scale Ball Mount
Fastway Trailer Products


The integrated mechanical scale ensures repeatable scale accuracy when measuring tongue weight. With a properly balanced load, you can enjoy improved steering, better braking control, and reduced trailer sway. Features include: 1,000 lb. max tongue weight; 10,000 lb. max trailer weight; 2" receiver; 2" and 2-5/16" chrome hitch balls included.


FIA Composite Full Containment Seats


FIA certified to 8855-1999 specs, this seat is suitable for pro racing with increased thigh and hip support along with extended shoulder and rib bolsters. The halo protrusions at the top provide additional head support, which is why this seat is considered full containment. Available in 15" medium and 16" large sizes from any RaceQuip dealer for under $700.


VP Trigger Hose
VP Racing Fuels Inc. 


This is a fuel hose system unlike no other. Its patented push-button, self-venting control-flow valve is developed for use with VP Motorsport Containers. It takes seconds to install and makes refilling extremely efficient. Simply tilt your container, press the Trigger button for flow, and release the Trigger button to quickly stop the flow.

Best Chassis Product 

PE Mounting Clamps
PE Racing


An easy and strong solution to mounting panels, cables, or objects securely to common tubes sizes and roll cages. The line of clamps includes: steering wheel/helmet hooks; tube to panel mounting brackets; tube clamp mounting brackets; and fuel pump/filter mounting brackets.


Front Lightweight Tubular Subframe Mercedes-AMG GT GT S GT C GT R Pro


Cuts weight by 40% over OEM, resulting in 45/55 front to rear weight distribution. It is similar to the tubular subframes used in Mercedes AMG GT3 and GT4 race cars. It is CAD designed from a 3D scan of the OEM subframe, finite element analysis 3D tested (FEA), and made from T45 tubing.


Full Suspension Set Bundle-Toyota GR Yaris


Features front and rear lightweight billet uprights, aluminum rear diff carrier, front and rear adjustable upper and lower arms, rear lower arm inserts, and rear sway bar links. It is designed for both road racing and long-travel rally applications. 

Best Drivetrain Product 

Carbon Fiber DriveShaft
PEM Racing


Proudly manufactured in the Heartland of the USA, these carbon fiber driveshafts are available in sizes 2.25", 2.75" and 3.25" OD for circle track applications. Features include: 1310 series Neapco Performance Solid Cross U-joints; aluminum extra clearance bondable yokes; and built on modern driveshaft equipment. Trakhook Superflex Tubing is available in 2.25" OD.


4L80-E, 4L85-E Heavy Duty Input Shaft


This high-strength, 300M Sonnax input shaft combines unique design features with advanced manufacturing processes for exceptional performance, durability, and value. A torsional design and spline/cross-hole refinements add strength, as does elimination of the deep undercut at the OD carrier spline where other shafts fail. 


Premium Lightweight Quick Change Gear Sets
Speedway Motors 


These quick change gear sets are constructed from high-strength alloy steel for higher HP cars with bigger tires. They are lightweight, which decreases the rotating weight. Sets also feature REM polished surfaces for less friction and longer life.

Best Engine Product 

Composite Lifters
AWA Forged Composites 


AWA’s composite lifters are stronger and 30% lighter than competing lifters. Lighter lifters lead to less spring pressure, putting less stress on parts and decreasing deflection. The composite material also reduces harmful harmonic effects. Moreover, AWA has eliminated the use of needle bearings that catastrophically damage an engine during failure.


Clear View Filtration Billet Dry Sump Tanks
Billet Connection-Clear View Filtration


Features Clear View’s patented see-through oil filter tank. All are components CNC-machined with no welds inside or out. Has superior venting and baffle system that mounts to the top and removes in one piece for easy maintenance. Tanks come clear or black anodized.


Electronic StraightGate 50 


The e-StraightGate50 is a world first in electronic boost control technology. Gone are the flow disadvantages of poppet-style wastegates. Its proprietary butterfly valve design makes it the fastest and highest flowing wastegate in the world. This allows the response of a small wastegate, with the flow of a large one, while providing linear control.

Best In-Vehicle/Electronic/Telemetry Product

FT550 EFI System
FuelTech ECU 


The FT550 is an engine fuel control and monitoring system from FuelTech: electronic fuel injection, integrated dashboard, data acquisition and power management.


HP Tuners 


Combine the MPVI2+ with VCM Suite for the most comprehensive scanning, logging, and calibration tools on the market. Whether you are building a dedicated track car, a next-level street car, or just want more fuel efficiency or better towing for your daily driver, HP Tuners has the tools to get the most out of your vehicle.


VBOX Video HD Lite
VBOX Motorsport 


A combined video and data logger designed specifically for motorsports. Features a compact and aerodynamic form with GPS data and 8 CAN channels allowing connection to a third-party dash or ECU. Review synchronized video and data in the easy-to-use Circuit Tools software supplied.

Best Race Fluid 

High Performance Snowmobile and Winter Coolant and Antifreeze
Engine Ice


From the trusted makers of Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant comes this new coolant and antifreeze engineered for the specific demands of snowmobiles and winter SXS, UTV, and ATV use. Features: maximum cooling and freeze protection to -45°F; maintains optimum temperature, reducing possible power loss from excess heat; and biodegradable. Also, no mixing required—ready to use.


Speed Sauce
VP Racing Fuels Inc.


VP Speed Sauce is a proprietary water-methanol injection fluid that helps control detonation and can increase horsepower and torque with proper tuning. Speed Sauce water-methanol mix comes premixed, so it’s ready to use straight from the bottle. Another key point is that it’s relatively non-corrosive in certain circumstances.


XR RacE-ONLY Brake Fluid
Wilwood Disc Brakes


Wilwood’s new XR Race-Only brake fluid is the same extreme high-temperature fluid used in Formula 1, World Rally Championship, FIA World Endurance, and Moto GP. Laboratory testing indicates XR Race-Only fluid has a dry boiling point of 645°F thanks to a proprietary blend of high-performance polymer electrolytes and borate esters. Sold in four packs.

Best Shop Equipment 

BlueArc 140MSI MIG-STICK Inverter Machine
Blue Demon Welding Products


This 120V x 140A DC MIG-STICK Welding Machine offers gas and gasless MIG welding functionality; includes a Synergic Control Feature; is portable and light weight (only 19 lbs.); fits standard 2 lb. and 11 lb. spools; includes integrated MIG torch, ground clamp, and stinger; and welds steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum.


Tire Scraper
United Race Parts


With a molded handle for user comfort, the integrated heat gun has variable temperature and fan speed; 2,000 W output and a 100- to 600-degree temperature range. Avoid damaging your tire compound by using unsuitable tools and/or excessive temperature. This product features an adjustable handle and blade position to suit the user, and is ergonomically designed to increase productivity.


Square Wave TIG 200 TIG Welder
Lincoln Electric


The Square Wave TIG 200 is a portable TIG and stick welding machine that lets hobbyists, makers, and fabricators explore their creativity. This machine is TIG and Stick capable with a user-friendly interface and advanced aluminum controls that make welding fast and easy while also providing room to expand your welding experience.

Best Suspension Product 

RFX Wireless Suspension Load Stick


RFX Wireless Weighing Technology eliminates indicator cables. Rate one to four corners using up to four load sticks with one indicator. Allows you to analyze and adjust spring rates for maximum performance, and quickly determine static load at ride height for each wheel; individual load sticks are also available without the indicator.


C5/C6 MOD Series Coil-Overs


Convert your Corvette’s leaf spring suspension to QA1’s MOD Series coil-over shocks to maximize handling performance, suspension tunability, and ride height adjustment for the perfect stance. These four-way adjustable Corvette coil-overs are perfect for pushing your car to the limit at the track then setting the valving for comfortable street use.


GM 2.0 Control Arms


QA1 Control Arm 2.0 was designed to be the lightest, strongest, and best-looking control arms available for your ride. Uniquely engineered with key features optimized for either street performance, pro-touring, or drag race vehicles, these American-made control arms will ride better, corner harder, and launch faster than anything you’ve experienced in the past.

Judge’s Picks

Composite Lifters
AWA Forged Composites 

* Awarded by Garrett Reed, AmericanMuscleHD


BlueArc 140MSI MIG-STICK Inverter Machine
Blue Demon Welding Products

* Awarded by Joe Skotnicki, Race of Champions


123 Count with Car Parts Book


* Awarded by Wes Buck, Drag Illustrated


Flagtronics FT200 Kit
Flagtronics by Ballenger Motorsports


* Awarded by JA Ackley, Outside Groove


40501 Brushless Spur Gear 6GPM


* Awarded by Chris Blair, World Wide Technology Raceway and David Kennedy, National Hot Rod Association (NHRA)


CrankDrive F-4X-140
ProCharger Supercharger Systems 


* Awarded by Brian Dunlap, World Racing Group


RaceQuip PRO20 Carbon Fiber Top-Air

* Awarded by Karl Fredrickson, Speedway Illustrated


Electronic StraightGate 50

* Awarded by Alex Taylor, Alex Taylor Racing; Chad Reynolds, BangShift; Kevin Wells, Formula Drift; and Mike Galimi, ProMedia

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