By John Kilroy on May 15, 2015
From this vantage point at PRI, it certainly seemed there were changes taking place in racing industry marketing that may not have always been the best thing for...
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By John Kilroy on April 30, 2015
The use of the word “culture” can seem a little airy when it comes to the straightforward challenge of cutting a profit in one’s business. It may become more clear as a value when...
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By John Kilroy on April 14, 2015
Just a quick note to companies that exhibit in the PRI Trade Show: April is the month to go online, complete the exhibit contract for the 2015 PRI Trade Show...
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By John Kilroy on March 23, 2015
For me, it was a place of legend. I had heard for years about the museum Speedy Bill built in Lincoln, Nebraska. And so, finally, this year, my first business trip...
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