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Industry Roundtable

A convenient new time for the annual Industry Roundtable debuts this year, along with a special focus on the marketing and distribution of racing parts in 2012.

Racing retailers, engine builders: Don't miss this chance to get absolutely up-to-date on where the racing industry is right here, right now, when it comes to moving racing products.

Convenient New Time! 8 a.m., Friday, Nov. 30, 2012
Meeting Room S 230 A & B
Special Focus: The Racing Parts Business--2013

As we’ve heard over and over these past couple of years, “It’s not 2007 any more.” The world has changed. Distribution has changed. Media has changed. Racing has changed. Most racing entrepreneurs have successfully left the past behind, and are taking this new world on, as it is, right here, right now. There are new challenges. And, as with virtually every field, the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show is the one place to go to get solutions.

"The Racing Parts Business--2013," is the focus of this year's annual Industry Roundtable, complete with a new time in order to make it as convenient as possible for racing retailers, engine builders, car builders and other motorsports entrepreneurs to attend.

"We're just going to talk about the parts side of the racing industry, and what racing businesses are doing right now to move racing products," said John Kilroy, publisher of Performance Racing Industry. "We'll have several respected racing businesspeople on  the panel, and we'll work through what's working and what's not in 2012. We'll find out where the opportunities are, and what strategies one can use to effectively tap into them."

While the panel will largely represent oval track and drag racing businesses, Kilroy believes the range and content of the discussion will certainly provide 'nuggets of insight' for anyone doing business in any form of racing today.

Legendary race engine builder Smokey Yunick started the Industry Roundtable 16 years ago to provide the racing industry with a open and honest public forum in which to discuss critical issues in racing. "This year, more than ever, we need the Roundtable to focus on what it takes to successfully run a racing business today," said Kilroy.

There is no charge to attend for registered attendees. Click here to register for the 2012 PRI Trade Show.







2011 Industry Roundtable
Racing retailers, engine builders and other racing entrepreneurs will appreciate the special focus this year for the Industry Roundtable on the parts side of the racing business, and what it takes to be successful in 2012. A convenient new time has been established for the Industry Roundtable--8 a.m., Friday, November 30, 2012.

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