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What The Racing Industry Is Saying About The 2012 PRI Trade Show


“PRI is my three favorite days of the year. Being a hardcore show, you can always expect to see a serious motorsports buyer here.” Kyle Fickler, Weld Racing

“You could tell when the doors opened Thursday morning, it was a pretty steady stampede. Then you looked down at your watch and it was 2 o’clock already. You don’t get that very often at shows.” Cheralyn Smith, Honda Performance

“Sales have gone very well. The folks that are here at the show this year are business-minded. They’re coming up, they’re talking about what they need and they’re placing orders.” Buddy Judy, Safety-Kleen

“We’ve had a lot of people come through and we’re very excited.” Rob Celendano, CV Products

“We’ve had a great show at PRI. It’s always been a great showcase for us, and again in 2013 with the new season ahead of us. It’s a great, great event.” Jeff Clark, Roush Yates

“We’ve been coming to PRI for 17 years. This is our largest exhibit so far with six booths and it’s paying off.” Shanna Whitley, T & S Machines and Tools

“We’re real happy with this year’s show. We’ve had a lot of success and a lot of people coming around looking at our bodies.” Carl Schultz, Five Star Race Car Bodies

“This show is just amazing for drag racing customers. We see people from all over the world here—we’ve seen people from Europe, from Asia…It’s just a great show.” Joe Krivickas, Precision Turbo Engines

“The show went very well and it was a very busy three days. We’re happy with the turnout we had. We upped our floor space this year and we introduced a number of new products, and it was very well received. We had a great mix of buyers all across the board.” Cliff Cohen, GM Performance

“We’ve had a lot of excellent traffic to the booth with some serious buyers. We generated some real solid leads, and we are very happy with our productivity and the interest we’ve seen.” Travis Thirkettle, SuperFlow Technologies


“This is an annual trip for us. I’ve been coming to PRI since the show was in Columbus. It gives us a chance to see all of our vendors and suppliers, as well as find out about all the new products. Annually, we might buy close to half a million dollars of product from the vendors in this building.” Frank Honsowetz, Ed Pink Racing Engines

“We came to buy. We’ll spend the whole time here, look at everything and try to get our hands around what’s here, what’s coming and what we need to work with. We found stuff that we didn’t know was around, didn’t know existed.” Hank Moore, Advanced Auto Fabrications

“It’s been a good show. We found some new and innovative product that we didn’t know was out there. We came looking to buy and we’re always looking for new tips, tricks, pieces and parts to make our customers’ cars better.” John Staiger, Stec Motorsports

“I’ve found everything I was looking for and more. My feet are sore and there’s still a lot of stuff I haven’t seen yet. I love coming to PRI—it’s the end of my racing season. I’m always looking for new ideas and new ways to do things. I could spend three days on Machinery Row alone.” Rob Orava, MF Chassisworks

“We’re here checking out all the new products at the PRI Show–it’s a great show as usual–and looking to see what’s new for the future.” Dina Parise, Parise Racing

“The show’s gone pretty big. We’re looking at super late model stuff and superstock. We’re trying to stay ahead of the curve.” Joe Mancuso, Fullone Motorsports

“If you don’t come to PRI, you’re running behind on the technology that’s going to be available. It’ll be released here first.” Graham Cole, Engine & Crankshaft Services

“Coming to the show…allows me to visit new suppliers since I am dealing with parts from all across the country. It gives me a place to come and meet them.” Alan Murray, Murray Motorsports





What The Racing Industry Is Saying

Tens of thousands of race industry buyers come to the PRI Trade Show every year to shop the latest advances in racing technology and precision machining equipment ahead of the upcoming racing season. The opportunity to experience the industry all in one place, all at one time brought approximately 37,500 buyers from throughout the US and 70 countries to Orlando, Florida, for the 2012 Show.


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