Walt Allen adds to his racing-related resume as new director of IMCA’s World Products Empire State Series.

Allen will attend all 10 events in the 12th annual tour for IMCA Xtreme Motor Sports Modifieds, ensuring IMCA procedures are followed and that race reports are sent to the IMCA home office.

“I’m looking forward to this new endeavor with IMCA,” said Allen, a longtime employee at Skyline Raceway and Black Rock Speedway. “I really want to encourage drivers to support the series. I’m happy to see more weekend shows on the schedule, which makes it easier for more drivers to follow the series.”

Higher car counts, he added, lead to more interest in the series by potential sponsors.

As an impressionable eight-year-old, a chance encounter with young hotshoe Bobby Boynton in 1963 led to a 40-year partnership that saw Allen’s role evolve from washing race cars to working on and owning them.

Trackwise, he’s done everything from public relations and photography to helping tech and doing the groundwork for weekly and special events, working with local sponsors and media.

“I’ve especially enjoyed teching and putting together special race sponsorships,” said Allen. “I know what IMCA is about and want to help this series and the Modified division grow here in the Dirt Works Eastern Region.”

Opening night for the tour is April 14 at Five Mile Point Speedway. Nine more events at tracks in New York and Pennsylvania are on the series schedule through the November 2 finale, also at the Kirkwood speedplant.