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Reader Survey: PRI Tops For Sourcing Performance Racing Products
September 2, 2014
Newly commissioned report on Performance Racing Industry magazine reveals highly engaged readership that trusts—and acts on—information in PRI articles and advertisements.
Reader Survey: PRI Tops For Sourcing Performance Racing Products

Readers of Performance Racing Industry rank the monthly B2B magazine as by far the most useful publication available for sourcing performance racing products, according to a comprehensive new survey of PRI subscribers.

The report, conducted by survey research company Readex Research, also found that PRI magazine provides advertisers with highly effective opportunities to convey their message through various distribution channels across the professional and grassroots racing marketplace.

“Racing businesses essentially partner with race teams. That’s the exact relationship PRI magazine works each month to have with our readers, and the Readex Research Study verifies that it’s happening,” said John Kilroy, publisher of PRI magazine. “When it comes to advertising, there is no other vehicle—in digital or print—that provides this powerful audience with this level of engagement.”

Commissioned over a two-week period in June 2014, PRI’s Readex survey asked nearly 1100 racing retailers, engine builders and warehouse distributors a series of questions about PRI’s magazine and website in an effort to learn more about their reading habits and follow-up actions. The results reinforced PRI’s standing as a trusted, well-written, and easy-to-read resource for motorsports professionals.     

The typical PRI subscriber reads every issue of the magazine and spends an average of one hour each month reviewing its content, including editorial and advertisements, according to Readex. These readers overwhelmingly consider PRI a credible source of information (93 percent), a good reference tool (90 percent), technically accurate (85 percent) and a good tool for sourcing products (85 percent).

In fact, when presented with a list of 10 racing publications, readers selected PRI magazine by a more than 6 to 1 margin as their most useful source of performance racing products—PRI was named to the top spot by 57 percent of readers; the next highest vote-getter received 9 percent.    

“We’re proud to hear once more that PRI continues to serve as such an effective business tool for its readers,” added Kilroy. “The digital world has its place, and emailing customers has value for racing product marketers, but nothing beats this magazine for new leads and growing market share.”

As a marketing vehicle, PRI magazine gained high marks for the opportunities and exposure it provides to its advertisers. More than 80 percent of readers reported that information in either PRI’s articles or advertisements (or both) prompted them to take action in the last 12 months.

In addition, nearly all subscribers hold onto a typical issue of PRI for almost 11 months, illustrating its usefulness as a year-round resource for racing professionals. What’s more, PRI’s subscribers actually triple the publication’s reach, as four out of five share their copy of PRI with at least two other readers.

Other notable findings: Among eight different sources, including print and digital, PRI subscribers most commonly selected print magazines as their top source of race product information; 80 percent of PRI subscribers are company owners, presidents or executives; and virtually all PRI subscribers (97 percent) are involved in their organization’s purchasing decisions.

Founded in 1986, Performance Racing Industry magazine is widely recognized as “The Voice of the Racing Marketplace.” Over the years it has served tens of thousands of racing entrepreneurs as their key source for industry trends, merchandising ideas, new products, business strategies and more.

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