ICMS Brings Annual Congress To Indianapolis For Race Industry Week 2013
July 16, 2013
For the fourth consecutive year, the renowned safety organization will co-locate its annual two-day conference with the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show.
ICMS Brings Annual Congress To Indianapolis For Race Industry Week 2013

Organizers of the world’s pre-eminent conference on motorsports science, medicine and safety have announced preliminary details for this year’s International Council of Motorsport Sciences Annual Congress, which will join the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show in Indianapolis, Indiana.

For the fourth consecutive year, the ICMS’ annual gathering will serve as a showcase event of Race Industry Week—the several days of conferences, seminars and networking opportunities leading up to and including the PRI Trade Show.

“The International Council of Motorsport Sciences Board of Directors and membership are pleased to announce the ICMS Annual Congress, in conjunction with the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show, is coming back to Indianapolis in 2013,” said Don Andrews, executive director of ICMS. “These events have come full circle, with the ICMS origins being in Indianapolis and the PRI Trade Show being based in Indy for so many years. It is great to be back in ‘The Racing Capital of the World’ for these premier annual events, and we look forward to new and enhanced concepts and programs from both our industry leading organizations.”

ICMS is an organization of professionals involved in the scientific, medical and educational aspects of the human element in motorsports. Since 2010, it has met annually at the PRI Trade Show to promote, review and coordinate research associated with the human aspect of motor racing.

Members include physicians, engineers, educators, sanctioning body safety executives, trackside safety personnel, and more. Each year, the Congress brings together some 100 race safety experts from nearly a dozen countries.

“I think conferences like this are really important because all the people here will go back to all the people they work with in motorsports events from around the world and spread the word,” said Dr. Stephen Olvey, M.D., a member of ICMS’ Board of Directors, following last year’s Congress. “There’s not that many forums like this—it’s one of the good forums for dissemination of information related to safety in motorsports.”

For 2013, the ICMS Curriculum Committee consists of Drs. Hugh Scully, Richard Jennings, Stephen Olvey and Terry Trammell, and Denise Meeks, R.N.

Topics to be covered include recognition and management of concussions in motorsports, medical and safety considerations in drag racing, qualifications and training programs for race physicians, and much more.

The Congress takes place Wednesday and Thursday, December 11-12, 2013, at the Indiana Convention Center. Registration is Tuesday, December 10, at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis. For additional Congress and registration information, visit

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