What Is A Mini Merchandiser?

  • Minis are 1" ads placed under the product category headline of your choice.
  • Minis refer readers to your display ad, serve as an instant identifier and give you more exposure throughout the Guide.
  • Minis can include your logo, address, web address, and phone & fax numbers.
  • Minis can be earned or purchased. See below.

Act now and take advantage of these two bonus values:

  1. Pole Position Bonus

    Reserve your 1/6-page advertisement or larger by
    September 5th
    to receive a FREE Mini-Merchandiser and have YOUR NEW PRODUCT featured in the 2019 New Product Preview editorial feature!

    The 2019 New Product Preview is a powerful photographic “sneak peek” at new racing products for the 2019 racing season!

  2. Size Incentive Bonus

    Reserve your 1/2-page advertisement or larger and receive more FREE Mini-Merchandisers!

    1/2 Page
    1 FREE Mini-Merchandiser
    2/3 Page
    2 FREE Mini-Merchandisers
    Full Page
    3 FREE Mini-Merchandisers
    Tab Page
    4 FREE Mini-Merchandisers
    2 Page Spread
    6 FREE Mini-Merchandisers

Mini Specifications

  • Advertising companies can list an unlimited amount of product categories. These listings will appear bold-faced in the Buyers Guide. Please see the brochure for more details.
  • Non-advertising companies are limited to 10 product categories. If your current listing exceeds 10, please cross off categories until only 10 remain. See the brochure and take advantage of this special advertising opportunity to keep your listings complete and current.
  • Minis must be submitted with the following specifications:
Digital Format:

Only B&W, high-resolution PDF, or PDF-X1a files accepted. Submit Minis as individual PDFs.

Download PRI’s digital file specifications at www.performanceracing.com/magazine or contact Production Manager.


2.25" wide × 1" high. No crop marks.* Minis must include a keyline border.*

Document size:

Document page set-up/canvas size* of PDF must match Mini dimensions (2.25" wide x 1" high).


300 dpi

*Minis not conforming to specifications will be subject to production charges.

Sample Mini
Sample Mini-Merchandiser Ad
Sample Page
Sample Buyer’s Guide Page

All mini-merchandiser artwork must be in PRI offices by September 25, 2018

Call your sales associate at 949-499-5413 for more info.