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Coan Engineering has just released the latest addition to its Xtra-Lite Technology (XLT) series of components for the TH400 transmission. The all new 400-XLT "Billet Brake" line features a variety of fully CNC machined billet aluminum valve bodies in both 2-speed & 3-speed configurations. Advantages of the "Billet Brake" include optimized fluid flow for quicker shift times and faster reaction times, along with a 5 pound weight reduction. The new design also incorporates a valve body mounted trans brake solenoid to further enhance reaction time. The official product launch is scheduled for the PRI Trade Show, December 12-14 in Indianapolis.

H70A Series CNC Vertical Honing Machines feature the latest Windows Touch Screen Control Technology and optional features and equipment allow complete engine blocks (In-line and V-blocks) to be honed automatically – unattended. Many new features such as load control and lower crash detection allow easy, fast and accurate honing from small to very large cylinders. The H75A is designed for small to mid-size engines and has capacity to hone up to 7.38” 187mm diameter The H76A is designed for small to large size engines and has capacity to hone up to 12” 305mm diameter including large cylinder liners.

Automatic Hole to Hole and Automatic Roll Over System – The optional Automatic Hole to Hole System allows a complete bank of cylinders to be honed unattended. Combined with the optional Automatic Roll-Over Fixture, the complete V block can be honed unattended. This will substantially increase productivity with 50-70% labor savings over any manual honing machine. Leaving the operator to perform other jobs.

Automatic Lower Crash Protection System – Many Engine Blocks have interference in the lower area of the bores and can damage honing stones and holders. Every time the H70 starts honing a cylinder, the machine will check that the stones will not interfere with the lower bore before starting rotation and stroking.

Vertical Stroking System - CNC Servo Controlled High Pitch Ball Screw and Hardened Steel Linear Slideway System allow precision vertical stroking and fully automated operation.

Automatic Load Control –  A must for cylinder honing! ‘Load’ is used to describe the pressure that the honing stones press against the cylinder wall while honing. Roughing cycles require higher loads for faster stock removal and finishing cycles requires lower loads to reduce distortion. The H70 is programmed with roughing and finishing loads and automatically controls the stone pressure while honing the cylinders to give perfect geometry and surface finish in every cylinder.

Automatic Plateau Brush Finish Program - the machine automatically expands plateau brushes to programmed load and counts down number of plateau strokes, then withdraws the brushes and retracts to the clearance position.

Automatic Zero Position Setting System - The machine will automatically expand the stones to a preset load and allow the operator to set zero position, this features allows the operator to calibrate the hone head to different diameters very fast and consistently taking out the guess work or feel.

Automatic Stone Feed-out System - once hone head is positioned in the bore, the hone head rotates slowly and expands the stones simultaneously, once the stones have contacted the bore, only then does the spindle accelerate to full speed and start stroking.

Automatic Honing Stone retract at End of Cycle – the machine will automatically retract the stones during last stroke so that the stones do not leave any scratches or marks in the bore.

Infinitely Variable - Hone Head rotation and stroking speed is infinitely variable to give any surfaces finish and cross hatch requirement - fast.

Automatic Cross Hatch Angle System – the machine will automatically adjust parameters to program cross hatch angle and finish the bore to programmed angle.

Automatic Roughing and Finishing Load Sensing System - allows the machine to be more aggressive in the rough mode for faster stock removal while automatically reducing honing stone pressure during finish mode operation for precise bore geometry.

Electronic Hand Wheel - used for set up for moving work head from cylinder to cylinder and lowering hone head into each bore. (Also used to manually expand stones inside bore.)

Filtration System and Coolant Tank - Large Capacity 70 Gal (265 Liter) and strong magnetic filter system keep the coolant cleaner and cooler. Optional 2 stage canister filter system allows removal of very fine particles from the honing fluid. Optional external magnetic coolant system increase coolant volume by 30 Gal (115 Liter) and allows easy cleaning and keeps canister filters cleaner for extended life.

Rugged Design –  Solid Construction – Large, heavy duty base increases the capacity of the machine and ensures a lifetime of rigidity and accuracy. Heavy duty industrial powder coating ensures a lifetime of rust free paint protection and easy cleaning.

Quick Change Spindle System - Spindle with ISO 30 Taper and Quick Change System allows hone heads to be changed in seconds with automatically locking system - change form diamond to plateau brush in seconds.

Touch Screen Control – The H70 boasts a bright full color, easy to read, ergonomically positioned 15” (400MM) Windows Touch Screen Control that simplifies all aspects of cylinder honing. Precision display in .0001” (.002mm) increments of bore diameter.
International Multi Language – Windows Touch Screen Computer Control allows for easy translation into multiple languages.
Large Capacity and Versatility – the H75 has capacity to hone form the smallest to large 6 cylinder in-line diesel blocks up to 55’ (1400mm) long. The H75 has 38” (965mm) of X axis travel on linear slideways so that large blocks with cylinder bore centers up to 38” (965mm) apart can be honed – automatically! The H76 can hone very large liners up to 12” (254mm) diameter.
Water Based Synthetic Coolant – Water based synthetic honing coolant can be used with Rottler diamond honing stones, greatly reducing heat buildup during the honing process. Cost is also substantially reduced over conventional honing oils and cleaning is almost eliminated. Disposal of used coolant is easy and more environmentally friendly thenconventional honing oils.
Stainless Steel Doors – Sliding stainless steel doors provide easy cleaning, smooth movement and long life with wide opening for easy loading of blocks. Doors are easily removed for cleaning of machine and changing fixtures.
Lighting - 3 LED lights in the cabinet and 2 LED lights under the work head aluminate the complete work area so the operator can clearly see the honing operation.

Compact size Contributes to the reduction of production line space. Can be adapted to transfer line.

R2B2 Race Cars will be exhibiting once again at the Performance Racing Industry Show  and two chassis designs will be on display in their Booth #3359. In addition to a Pro Mod Dual Frame Rail Chassis, R2B2 Race Cars will debut its new A-Cim2.7 Chassis design, a lighter, safer and stronger chassis design.  

The new R2B2 Race Cars’ A-Cim2.7 Chassis, designed by Jim Geese and Don Carey, boasts the following performance gains:
 • The bare chassis is 48 lbs. lighter than the Lightweight Dual Frame Rail Chassis
 • Weight distribution design
 • Torsional load technology
 • Design makes accessing transmission easier
 • The majority of the weight loss is to the right of center

In addition to increased performance, a driver’s safety is improved:
 • Smaller cabin for increased strength and safety
 • Cowl bar does not interrupt the windshield bar
 • Windshield bar is one-piece from main hoop to the floor
 • The main impact area is not a three-piece union at cowl bar
 • True 6-point Funny Car cage
 • Driver sits correctly and SFI legal within the Funny Car cage
 • Crumple zone entire right hand side of car
 • Crumple zone entire back of car
 • Crumple zone entire front of car
 • Crumple zone means less G-force impact on the driver because the chassis absorbs the majority of the impact

The new Ashcroft DG25 digital pressure gauge provides a 5 full digit LCD in ranges up to 25,000 psi. Available in accuracies of 0.5% and 0.25% FS, this new design boasts a minimum battery life of 2000 hours. Standard features include an IP67 enclosure, selectable units of measure, a 20 segment bar graph indicator, min-max, tare and a list of agency certifications. A backlight and rubber protective boot are also available. View the demonstration video on YouTube.