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GST Racing Seals offers a selection of low friction engine and transmission seals that are designed to reduce power losses, reduce generated heat and provide improved durability.




Pagid offers RSL1, its newly developed long distance and endurance racing pads. Features include excellent pad wear rate and disc life, very good thermal stability, giving best possible brake balance, modulation and consistency of friction under endurance conditions. The RSL1 compound is developed to comply with the latest requirements in endurance racing and to accord to ecological standards in the automotive industry.

Racers that take advantage of the performance and advanced tuning of Holley’s Dominator or HP EFI systems can now share their EFI operating system parameters with their Racepak data recorders. Being able to record information straight from the ECU provides a long list of important engine data without the need for extra wiring or duplicate sensors. Rather than mounting a second TPS, water temp, WB02 or other sensors, you have access to all of that information straight from the source. Plus, all of this data can be reviewed on one screen rather than toggling through different software screens. Holley provides up to 48 channels of data to be recorded onto the Racepak line of V-series recorders or their IQ3 Dash series. Of course, you get to select which data is shared through the Holley software such as nitrous parameters, injector duty cycle, boost pressure, spark timing, and many more important operating parameters. To take advantage of recording this valuable information, racers will need to purchase a Holley EFI Can Connector Kit, P/N 558-412. The Racepak V-Net Module for Holley EFI systems is P/N 230-VM-EFIHOL and is available from Racepak.

Z-NeckTech debuted its Series 1-A at the 2013 PRI Trade Show. This new head and neck restraint is made to offer safety and comfort. The Advanced Axis Adjustments allow users to adjust every aspect of fit and comfort. Wing Clips work with restraint belts, offering more race comfort and safety. It's made to be one size fits all and is fully adjustable.