Featured Products

The new SilverBack SPI System is one carburetor designed to handle it all—customs, street/strip, all forms of racing—with adjustable CFM changes, from 600 to 850. All fuels, E-85 and Methanol can be used with the SPI. SilverBack's less-expensive composite designs offer extreme heat resistance and are near 4 ½ pounds.


Pro-werks offers the opportunity to see and feel the performance of its Silver jacket Cables with a recently released POP display, validating the product's benefits. This POP display is pre-drilled for hanging on a slat wall or peg board. Designed to boost sales, this interactive display can be placed in your customer service area or showroom. Informative take-home brochures are also included. Contact Pro-werks or your local warehouse for more information.

Rottler Manufacturing  offers its SG9MTS MANUALMATIC Touch Screen Control Seat & Guide Machine. The SG9MTS uses the same patented UNIPILOT tooling as the proven SG9M that has been in service for over 4 years. MANUALMATIC is a new concept that has been developed for these machines, which increases accuracy and productivity. During seat cutting, the operator does not have to operate any buttons or switches, simply turn the spindle feed steering wheel up and down and the control takes care of all the functions like workhead float/clamp, pilot centering in the valve guide and spindle on/off. When depth of seat is reached, the control automatically changes spindle RPM to high/finish speed to give equal depth of every seat and consistent surface finish results.

Aeromotive released the all-new A3000 Fuel Pump. This new pump is an upgrade and redesign to the popular A2000 Fuel Pump. The new A3000 features the same basic design and function as its predecessor but boasts less weight, more flow at pressure and never-before-seen modular features and mounting options, like a removable and indexable fuel filter and true diaphragm-controlled bypass regulator. The A3000 Fuel Pump is designed to provide more mounting provisions, enhanced performance and better pressure control than any fuel pump in its class. This crafty Modular design affords the racer a variety of options for mounting and pressure control. When mated with the P/N 11218 100 Micron Filter and/or the P/N 11217 Pressure Regulator, (both parts sold separately) you have the ability to independently index those components for a custom installation in your chassis. If you already have a compatible Pre-Filter or don’t want to utilize a return on the pump, the pump can operate as a “stand alone” featuring a -12 ORB inlet port and -10 ORB outlet port.