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Permatex, an innovator in chemical technology for automotive maintenance and repair, offers two easy-to-use and convenient aerosols that simplify battery maintenance especially during the colder, winter months when corrosion on terminals, cables, and connections can compromise connectivity and performance. Corrosion can drain the battery, causing a decrease in both electrical conductivity and overall battery life. Permatex Battery Cleaner is a fast-acting foam designed to instantly clear away corrosive build up from battery terminals and connections. The alkaline cleaner formula sets in just five minutes and dissolves the corrosion away. It features a cleansing foam that surrounds and penetrates the corrosion and therefore requires no connection or cable disassembly in order to reach difficult areas. Permatex Battery Cleaner can be used in variety of automotive, marine, farm machinery, and motorcycle battery applications. Permatex Battery Protector & Sealer helps to protect batteries, cables, and terminal connections against the formation of acid salt corrosion. The formula coats battery terminals, cables and connections to prevent the build-up of corrosion, and minimize battery drain. This helps to improve electrical flow and overall battery life. Permatex Battery Cleaner Part No. 80368 (5.75 oz. aerosol) and Permatex Battery Protector & Sealer Part No. 80370 (5.0 oz. aerosol) are sold separately. Both products are formulated for safe use by professional technicians and do-it-yourselfers alike.

The Rottler SG9M & SG8M now feature touch screen controls. These machines have been proven from high production to one man shops across the world. Introduced in 2010, the SG9M is used by some of the world’s largest engine remanufacturers and fastest race engine builders. Jasper Engines, the world’s largest remanufacturer already has 14 machines in service. The fastest world record drag race engines produced by AJPE Alan Johnson Performance Engineering are machined with the SG8M machines. The new touch screen controls are a result of our drive to continually innovate and enhance our product. 

Allstar Performance Inline Water Pump is made to deliver up to 50 GPM of flow. It weighs only 6 pounds, can be used on 12 to 16 volt systems, and draws only 6 amps. It's CNC-machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum housing for optimum water flow and maximum cooling operation. This product features a powerful sealed electric motor with pre-terminated wire pigtail, O-Ring style inlet and outlet ports (hose fittings sold separately), and a hard anodized black finish protects against harsh elements inside and out. Includes a fused wiring lead. Available at Allstar Performance Dealers Worldwide.


BTE's newest powerglide valve body series (PN# 228265) is designed entirely for racing and high performance. CNC machined by BTE from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum, this newly designed valve body relies on a refined internal fluid network made to guarantee fast reaction times, firm shifts, and longer clutch life. Weighing less than 8 lbs, this valve body matches with any powerglide transmission.  A hybrid spring and fluid release brake valve system gives this valve body quick releases for any .400 tree setup. This kit includes the transbrake valve body, a special high flow filter kit, transbrake solenoid, and instructions.  All components made in the USA.