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RC Components has created six styles of wheels within the Comp Series, which includes the Torx, Exile, Hammer, Fusion, Exile-S, and Hammer-S wheels. They are all available in polished, black, Eclipse (black surface with exposed raw aluminum accents), or Eclipse Prism (black surface with polished aluminum accents) finishes. RC’s Comp Series wheels are available in a wide variety of sizes, offsets, and mounting patterns to fit a vast amount of applications. The front wheels are available in both 15” and 17” diameters for applications that require additional clearance for braking or suspension components, or if you just prefer the 17” look on the front. The 15” wheels are 4” wide and are available with either 1.75” or 2.25” of backspacing. The 17” fronts are 4.5” wide and come with a 2.25” backspace. All Comp Series front wheels are forged and machined out of 6061-T6 billet aluminum and meet the strict SFI 15.2 certification. The Comp Series rears also have their own list of options. All of them are 15” in diameter, but they have widths from 8” to 16”. That wide range of widths calls for a wide range of backspacing options, from 3” to 8.5”. In addition to size and offset, the rears are available with single and double beadlocks, or no beadlock at all. Like the front wheels, the centers are forged and machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum. RCC’s unique interlocking beadlock design prevents tire slippage even in the most extreme applications. The innovative construction of the center-to-outer mating surface reduces weight while placing less stress on the bolts, creating an overall stronger wheel than the competition. This helped to achieve SFI 15.1 certification for all Comp Series rear wheels. Both the front and rear wheels are available with 5 x 4.5”, 5 x 4.75”, and 5 x 5” bolt patterns.


QA1 offers complete suspension kits for a variety of GM, Ford and Mopar applications. These handling and drag racing kits come in up to three different levels of performance to choose from. Features include bolt-in installation, spring rates are carefully selected to maximize performance, and the kits can be purchased all at once for an immediate upgrade or racers can build their car in stages using the parts list.


The Speedmaster FE cylinder heads are an ideal upgrade to their heavy and bulky stock counterparts. Not only can racers get more performance out of the box than OEM heads, but also Speedmaster heads are significantly lighter since they are made of “Gravity Die Cast” aluminum. As another benefit, racers can run higher compression with aluminum heads before the onset of power robbing detonation.


Excessive under-the-hood heat generated by exhaust pipes and headers robs horsepower, puts electrical components at risk and reduces overall performance. DEI, a thermal specialist for the automotive aftermarket, now offers a quicker and easier way to ensure a cooler air charge for improved performance. Speed Sleeves cover and protect primary exhaust header pipes serving both as an insulator and radiant heat barrier for pipes up to 2-1/2” in diameter. Speed Sleeves offer a time saving alternative to completely wrapping headers from top to bottom, and can also be used for spot heat protection on any pipe or manifold. Also sold as a kit, Speed Sleeves has everything needed for a quick and simple install including 8” wide exhaust wrap, locking fasteners and stainless steel locking ties. It’s offered in two color options, tan and black, and also available for either a four or six cylinder engine (12’) or eight cylinder (16’).