Featured Products

Eagle Motorsports offers a Rear End Tether. This race-proven addition is designed to keep the torque tube engaged in an accident. Simply loop it around a chassis cross member and bolt it to an existing threaded hole on the rear end center section. All hardware is included.


Aesthetic Finishers introduces its latest and greatest Armor Coat in a low gloss black finish. This finish is designed to be a color stable and heat resistant ceramic header and pipe coating. Armor Coat black is made to withstand temperatures up to 2000 degrees F without suffering any thermal breakdown of the coating. Even at these elevated temperatures the color remains a true black and does not show “bronzing” caused by pigment burn. Armor Coat is an ideal solution to protect the hot side pipes of a turbo set up. With a scratch resistance rated at 6h it is a very durable coating that will resist chipping from road trash. Matching the toughness of the coating is its salt spray rating of 1051 hrs. that can add years to the life cycle of any substrate by protecting it from corrosion inside and out.

DeatschWerks is releasing a new line of Bosch EV14 fuel injectors called DV2. The new DV2 line of injectors are characterized by their higher flow, greater precision, and race fuel compatibility. DV2 is available exclusively through DeatschWerks. Its first DV2 injector features 1200cc of flow and is available in over 20 different PN’s for both plug-n-play and universal fitment.  

The DV2 features:
-All DV2 injectors feature Bosch EV14 technology-widely regarded as the gold standard in EFI.
-All DV2 injectors flow in excess of 1,000cc/min at 3bar using SAE testing standards.
-All DV2 injectors are flow matched with our exclusive multi-point dynamic flow testing.
-All DV2 injectors are compatible with race fuels including MTBE-oxygenated fuels, ethanol blended fuels (including e85) and methanol blended fuels.

In addition to the DV2 exclusive features, all DW injectors are offered as drop-in fitment sets for many of the most popular applications. Drop-in fitment dramatically simplifies installation.   DW injectors include comprehensive injector characterization data. This data package allows for easier tuning and results in better idle, drivability and power than competitors’ injectors.  Be on the watch for more high(er) flow DV2 injectors coming soon.

The DeatschWerks DV2 1200cc injectors are now available for purchase at your local dealer or at DeatschWerks.com.

-Subaru Legacy GT, STI and WRX
-Mitsubishi DSM and EVO 8/9
-Nissan 350z, 370z, R35 GT-R and Skyline    
-Dodge SRT-4
-Infiniti G35 and G37
-Toyota Supra and Lexus IS300 2JZ
-Acura, Honda B/D/H series, and K-series
-Scion FRS, Subaru BRZ, Toyota GT86
-Ford Mustang V6, GT, Coyote
-GM LS1, LS2, & LS6
-Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0t
-Audi/VW 1.8t
-Porsche 911/996 Turbo
-Mercedes CL55 AMG, E55 AMG, SLK32 AMG

All DeatschWerks fuel injectors come with a 3 year comprehensive warranty.

Lincoln Electric has enhanced its next-generation Miniflex weld fume control system. Created for the welder on the go, the Miniflex is designed to remove and filter welding fumes wherever welding operators go, including confined and other hard-to-reach spaces. Unlike other, bulkier welding fume extractors, the Miniflex is unique with its standard wheels, handle, and lightweight, synthetic materials. It offers a dual-filtration system made up of a primary LongLife-H filter and a HEPA output filter. Lincoln Electric’s redesigned Miniflex also includes two new key features:

• Carbon Brush Early Warning System – Alerts the user when 80 percent of the carbon brushes have been consumed.

• System Airflow Check – Allows users to check the extraction performance of the unit and indicates when a filter is saturated and requires replacement to maintain optimal performance.