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Auburn Gear presents its new patent-pending electronic open-to-lock differential. The new differentials’ case strength and unique gear geometry will make it tougher and more efficient. Dependable electronic operation allows the driver to conveniently transition from an open to a locked differential mode as the need arises, all without leaving the driver’s seat. This differential is designed to eliminate the gear and pneumatic system failures that have been known to occur among those asking more of their Dana 60 axles and aftermarket selectable lockers. Auburn’s rugged 4-pinion gear design arrangement is designed to exceed the performance of OE and aftermarket differentials alike. When Auburn’s differential is unlocked, or open, it allows each individual wheel to rotate at a variable rate. In its open mode, the new differential provides equal rotational torque to each wheel. Although the wheels may rotate at varying speeds, each applies a similar rotational force, even if one wheel is stationary while the other is revolving. When the new differential is locked, it forces both wheels to rotate at an equal speed regardless of terrain or traction. In locked mode, each wheel applies a rotational force equal to the conditions and its tractive capacity, so the torque exerted on the differential hemispheres, each side-shaft and wheels can be significantly unequal. The new differential is backed by an industry-leading one-year warranty and Auburn’s exclusive Differential Replacement Exchange (D-REX) Program. Under the terms of the D-REX Program, Auburn will replace any differential within the first four years after purchase, regardless of circumstances. The replacement differential is one-third of the original cost, or the equivalent of the price of a competitor’s clutch pack. The replacement differential comes fully assembled, tested, certified and ready for installation. No rebuilding is required, and thus no mixing of old or worn parts with new parts is necessary.

MoTeC offers its powerful data logger with configurable auxiliary control and plenty of options for professional level expansion. Engineered with a suite of sophisticated features and an Autosport connector, this latest addition to MoTeC’s color Display Logger range provides the flexibility to suit virtually any application. The C185 features its vivid 125mm LCD display (approx 5”). The screen is high resolution, ultra bright and anti‐reflective, ensuring a clear view, even in unfavorable light conditions like direct sun. Users can select from numerous supplied layouts, each with crisp, high contrast graphics in various color combinations. Within these layouts, the channels, labels and measurement units are all configurable. The C185 also features 10 built-in, high-intensity LEDs for use as shift lights, warnings or other driver alerts. Each light is independently programmable for function, color and brightness, allowing teams to create customized sequences to suit each driver. It comes standard with 250 MB internal logging memory, which can be upgraded to 500 MB at any time, allowing for approximately 14 hours of professional level data recording. Over 300 channels can be derived from a mixture of inputs, with logging rates up to 1000 times per second. Ethernet connectivity ensures fast download of all that data, ready for expert analysis. C185 customers may already be familiar with MoTeC’s world class i2 data analysis software as it is the choice of many professional motorsport teams. The Standard version is free and an upgrade can be purchased to use the more complex features in i2 Pro. Advanced Functions is also an option for those with professional level requirements. It provides Advanced Maths, Channel Maths, additional 2D and 3D Tables and extra User Conditions. As standard, the C185 offers 20 inputs – a combination of analogue, digital, switch and speed – plus 6 outputs. For those wanting extra functionality, an upgrade is available to enable numerous additional inputs. Expansion is also possible using MoTeC’s E888 and E816 devices or VIM/SVIM modules. These CAN‐based expanders give users greater flexibility to add sensors, customize channels and control more auxiliary functions. The C185 is cleverly engineered with four configurable CAN buses featuring individually programmable speeds. Two dedicated RS232 ports are also built in. To install the C185, customers can use their own wiring or purchase a professional quality loom from MoTeC.

Zamp offers its RZ-34 model helmet with a composite fiberglass lightweight shell. It features a seven-top air system, in addition to chin, scalp and exhaust vents. It has a plush fire retardant interior with a removable/washable comfort liner, as well as a Z-20 Series 3mm shield with tear off posts. Other features include a Snell SA-2010 rating, pre-drilled holes for a neck restraint, two holes on each side of the chin foam for radio or hydration. This helmet is available in white or matte black with sizes ranging from S–XL.

Aeromotive offers its newest addition to the Stealth Fuel System lineup. The Phantom Fuel System is a complete kit that gives you everything you need to install a fuel pump and baffle/basket into almost any fuel tank. You can choose from two different pump options, an in-tank 340 Stealth Fuel Pump capable of up 800 hp EFI or a smaller Stealth 200 Fuel Pump capable of supporting up 550 hp EFI. Both options can handle serious power even at supercharged or tubrocharged EFI pressures. With the Phantom Systems you also get a black anodized hanger assembly and an internal baffle to control fuel slosh and keep the fuel pump submerged. The best part, this entire system is modular. It can be cut to height to fit almost any tank including your stock tank, even tanks as shallow as 6 inches deep.

Features and Specifications:

Phantom 340

• 340 Stealth Fuel Pump

• Supports up to:
 700 HP EFI forced air induction, 825 HP EFI naturally aspirated
900 HP Carbureted forced air induction, 1000 HP Carbureted naturally aspirated

Phantom 200

• 200 lph Stealth Fuel Pump

• Supports up to:
 425 HP EFI forced air induction, 550 HP EFI naturally aspirated
550 HP Carbureted forced air induction, 750 HP Carbureted naturally aspirated

Both include:

• Black anodized hanger assembly

• (3) ORB-06 Ports – Supply, Return, Vent

• Fuel resistant baffle/basket (Includes: Foam and Bladder)

• Universal high flow pre-pump filter

• Modular design can be cut to height to fit almost any fuel tank

• EFI or Carbureted

• Turbine pump mechanism increases durability

• Must be used with a return style system
• In-tank use only