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QA1 offers complete suspension kits for a variety of GM, Ford and Mopar applications. These handling and drag racing kits come in up to three different levels of performance to choose from. Features include bolt-in installation, spring rates are carefully selected to maximize performance, and the kits can be purchased all at once for an immediate upgrade or racers can build their car in stages using the parts list.


The Speedmaster FE cylinder heads are an ideal upgrade to their heavy and bulky stock counterparts. Not only can racers get more performance out of the box than OEM heads, but also Speedmaster heads are significantly lighter since they are made of “Gravity Die Cast” aluminum. As another benefit, racers can run higher compression with aluminum heads before the onset of power robbing detonation.


Excessive under-the-hood heat generated by exhaust pipes and headers robs horsepower, puts electrical components at risk and reduces overall performance. DEI, a thermal specialist for the automotive aftermarket, now offers a quicker and easier way to ensure a cooler air charge for improved performance. Speed Sleeves cover and protect primary exhaust header pipes serving both as an insulator and radiant heat barrier for pipes up to 2-1/2” in diameter. Speed Sleeves offer a time saving alternative to completely wrapping headers from top to bottom, and can also be used for spot heat protection on any pipe or manifold. Also sold as a kit, Speed Sleeves has everything needed for a quick and simple install including 8” wide exhaust wrap, locking fasteners and stainless steel locking ties. It’s offered in two color options, tan and black, and also available for either a four or six cylinder engine (12’) or eight cylinder (16’).


AEM’s X-Series GPS Speedometer (PN 30-0313) displays ground speed, course and altitude via an included 10Hz GPS receiver. Users can integrate the X-Series GPS Speedo into an Infinity ECU, AQ-1 Data Logger or upcoming AQ-1 OBDII Data Logger to add track mapping. It includes a Vehicle Speed signal output that can be connected to an existing speedometer and eliminate the need for a vehicle speed sensor. 

A 10Hz GPS receiver receives speed, heading and altitude data from multiple satellites at 10 samples/second providing excellent accuracy and reliability. The GPS receiver includes a magnet and adhesive bottom for exterior mounting on the vehicle. 

The X-Series GPS Speedometer Gauge has a bright four-digit LED display that is 87 percent larger than our original digital gauges and provides better readability. A sweeping LED “needle” lines the edge of the gauge face for quick reference. A 33 percent overall increase in the gauge face display makes it easier to see at a glance. X-Series Gauges come with a black bezel and faceplate, and an optional silver bezel/white faceplate accessory kit is available (PN 30-0313-ACC, sold separately). 

Despite the larger display, X-Series Gauges are contained in a standard 2-1/16th-inch (52mm) diameter housing for mounting in a standard gauge pod. Thanks to an advanced single board design, X-Series Gauges have an incredibly slim overall depth of under 0.825”, with a cup depth of only 0.200.” This shallow cup depth allows X-Series Digital Gauges to be mounted practically anywhere.

X-Series AEMnet GPS Speedometer Gauge Features:
• Displays ground speed, heading and altitude
• Integrate with the Infinity ECU, Series 2 or EMS-4 via AEMnet CAN bus to add track mapping
• Center LEDs display up to maximum vehicle speed
• Outer LEDs display speed up to 160 MPH/257KPH
• Transmit vehicle speed to an existing speedometer without needing a VSS sensor
• User selectable units of measurement (US or Metric)
• 2-1/16th (52mm) gauge diameter for easy mounting in gauge pods
• Slim 0.825” overall gauge depth and 0.200” cup depth—mount them virtually anywhere
• 24 green outer LEDs for quick reference to vehicle speed
• Optional silver bezel with white faceplate accessory kit available (sold separately)
• Auto dimming sensor delivers ideal display brightness
• Positive locking connector provides secure connection
• Compatible with 16v vehicle systems