Featured Products

Greaves 3D Engineering offers its latest model in its range of top quality pit and garage tools. The much acclaimed Greaves 3D Professional Tire Scraper is now available in 110-120 volt specification as well as the existing 220-240 volt configuration. The Professional Tire Scraper offers a practical, ergonomically designed solution to the management of part worn tires and is a much more efficient device than other improvised tools used for this process in the past.

Tilton Engineering’s 7.25" 2- and 3-plate clutch kits for 1979-2004 Ford Mustangs are its latest offering for road racers. Designed to be a direct replacement for the stock assemblies of the Mustang, these kits are designed to offer significantly lower weight and inertia than a standard 10.5” clutch-flywheel assembly. The low moment-of-inertia of these kit clutches provides faster engine acceleration out of corners and fast engine deceleration into them for improved braking, making them ideal for road racing applications. The clutch’s torque capacity (varies by plate count) is enough for most modified Mustangs, with the 2-plate cerametallic kit (P/N 56-200) sufficient for slightly modified cars and the 3-plate metallic (P/N 56-210) preferred for heavily modified cars. The clutches also provide a low release load for the Mustang cable-type release bearing system. The clutch kits include 7.25" clutch, disc pack, billet steel button flywheel, 44mm contact diameter release bearing and collar, and clutch bolt kit. They are designed for use with any high quality flexplate of the customer’s choice. Tilton Engineering produces a wide range of driveline and brake components, in-cockpit controls and starter motors. The company's products are primarily designed for racing use and can be found worldwide in nearly every form of racing, including NASCAR, IMSA, rally series and many more.

With Trans Dapt’s plastic and canvas phenolic carburetor spacers with Swirl-Torque technology, enthusiasts have a way to simultaneously fight back against the effects of excess heat buildup, while significantly boosting torque and horsepower. Trans Dapt’s insulated carburetor spacers are developed to provide excellent protection from heat soak and power loss caused by vapor lock and percolation. The phenolic materials used to make these carb spacers is a poor conductor of heat and it acts as a thermal barrier, isolating the carburetor from the heat of the engine, keeping the fuel mixture cool and dense. Without a thermal barrier, heat builds up in the carburetor and will eventually cause the fuel inside to boil. If this happens while the motor is running, it creates a loss of feed pressure to the carburetor which can then lead to a loss in power, or cause the engine to stall (vapor lock). However, when this happens after the engine has been turned off, the fuel can boil over out of the float chamber and leak into the intake manifold (percolation) making it hard, if not impossible, to restart the engine. Trans Dapt’s spacers with Swirl-Torque Technology are manufactured with a unique, slotted port design that creates a powerful vortex. This vortex atomizes the fuel for a better air/fuel mixture. The result is improved low to mid-range torque through improved combustion efficiency; better drivability and throttle response from your vehicle; and quicker shift recovery rates. Trans Dapt’s Swirl-Torque style phenolic carburetor spacers are manufactured in the USA using top of the line thermal resistant plastic or canvas material.  Plastic phenolic spacers are available in ½ inch (Part# 2528), one inch (Part# 2529, 2531) and two inch (Part# 2530, 2532) thicknesses for Holley Square Bore Four Barrel carburetors with or without positive crank case ventilation (PCV). Canvas phenolic spacers are available in a one inch thickness for Holley Aluminum Four Barrel (AFB) carburetors, also with or without a PCV valve (Part # 2550, 2551).

Ashcroft bimetal thermometers are designed to be safe and reliable, eliminating the use of mercury to measure temperature. Available in dial diameters from 2 to 5 inches and in ranges from -80 to 1000°F (and Celsius equivalents), these instruments are available in standard stem lengths from 2 ½ through 24 inches and special order stems up to 60 inches. Ashcroft Maxivision thermometers are made to provide a fixed rear or bottom stem while the Everyangle design allows the stem angle to be adjusted. Hermetically sealed for easy wash-down or liquid filled to counter high vibration, Ashcroft stainless steel bimetal thermometers are ideal for virtually every difficult installation.