Featured Products

Performance Trends has released a new A/F Checker, designed to allow users to check the calibration and accuracy of your wide band A/F sensor. You supply shop air and propane, like from a BBQ grill tank, and route the exhaust to a well ventilated area. Install your wide band A/F sensor, also called an O2 sensor, oxygen sensor, or lambda sensor, from your data logging system. Now you can dial in most any A/F from 10 to 17 and verify you’re A/F measurements are accurate. This method checks the entire system from end to end, including sensor function and calibration settings in the data logger and software. This is an ideal product for dyno operators using wide band A/F sensors.
Features include:
- Large digit, backlit, easy to read LCD display.
- Precision adjustment to allow fine tuning of any A/F mixture to 0.1 A/F.
- Readout options show A/F for different fuels, like gasoline, methanol, ethanol, propane, E85, CNG, and Lambda.
- Rechargeable battery which powers up from USB cable to any computer.
- No computer needed, except for charging.

Aeromotive has an all-new belt-drive EFI regulator, now with -12 ports. Our new regulator, part number 13137, is designed for use with both a belt and a hex-drive fuel pump. It has two AN-12 ports and an AN-12 return port, along with dual springs that expand operating pressure range while maintaining a low profile and reduced weight. The standard spring (installed) supports a 30-75 psi base, while the high-pressure spring (included) supports a 75-120 psi base. Our 13137 regulator supports a 1:1 vacuum and boost reference.

Davies, Craig Pty Ltd offers an innovative Electric Water Pump Header-Adaptor Kit to suit the LS Series engines. Whether replacing or transplanting an engine, freeing up space and weight while adding more horsepower are high on the priority list. Higher horsepower equals increased heat, which must be counter-acted with an upgrade to the cooling system. The Davies Craig’s EWP Header-Adaptor Kit and the EWP130 or EWP150 Electric Water Pump Combo Kits to free up parasitic power loss. The LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller will sense the engine coolant temperature and govern a consistent coolant flow through the engine, totally independent of engine revs.

Supertech Performance offers high-quality Sodium filled exhaust valves made from Inconel/Nimonic alloy. These offer a significant reduction in valve head temperatures that are required for today’s modern turbo engines. Intake valves in stainless steel with Black Nitride treatment provides less friction for less power absorption, better heat dissipation and lower guide wear than chromed valves. They feature single-groove conversions for optimal performance and longevity. Beehive spring kit comes with Titanium retainers, and also available are solid lifters, completely CNC machined from heat-treated billet, providing only the necessary and calculated thickness of the walls with very special shapes for better rigidity with an important reduction in weight.