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Molnar Technologies offers its high-quality, affordable, new connecting rods for the DuraMax diesel engine. These new Molnar Technologies design H-beam connecting rods are made with the strength and durability necessary in high-performance engines.

Part Number: GH6418APZB8-A
Engine Type: GM 2001-2010 DuraMax 6.6L LB7, LLy, LBZ and LMM engines Center to Center:  6.418"
Pin End Bore: 1.3590"
Pin End Width: 1.536"
Big End Bore: 2.6375"
Big End Width: 1.120"
Bolt: 7/16" Custom Molnar Technologies ARP2000 Material 220,000 Tensile Tapered Pin End
Grooved Bushing For Improved Oiling

Dynabrade has introduced the new air-powered Pipe Belt Finisher. This tool is ideal for blending and finishing applications on metal, stainless steel and a variety of other materials.  This tool can be used on Pharmaceutical Equipment, Food Machinery, Railing and other Metal Fabrication applications. The Pipe Belt Finisher uses abrasive belts ½” – 1-1/2” wide x 30” long. The tool is ideal for blending cylinders, sanding castings, cleaning welds and fabricating metal. The Pipe Belt Finisher is also excellent for blending and polishing tubing and round stock, finishing structural steel and various blending applications.  The design of the tool allows for 180 degrees of work piece abrasive capture at any time. The slack of the abrasive belt allows for use on various sizes of pipe. Utilizing both coated and non-woven belts, the tool features a tension arm, which allows for quick belt change. Both the belt housing and side handle are adjustable for operator comfort. Utilizing a .7 HP Air Motor, the tool runs at 3400 RPM. Model number 14360. Made in the U.S.

These all new 602 sealed sprint car engines are designed to be affordable, dependable and competitive solutions for sprint car racing. The camshaft is drilled, and a removable spud is installed without the engine being disassembled or any GM factory sealing bolts removed. For chassis requiring oil pan clearance, Pace Performance installs a 8QT "late model style" oil pan. This oil pan provides the clearance needed for normal/original engine mounts. This engine retains all the GM factory security sealing bolts (except the oil pan) and additional serial numbered cable-style security seals. Cable seals are also wrapped with tamper-proof tape which is printed with a QR code. This QR code can be scanned with any smart phone and will take you to a web page that shows engine build date, serial number, security seal numbers and location of security seals. The engine build sheet will also be updated with any future work or maintenance done to the engine. DIRTcar security cable seals installed and documented. Also included with this engine is the patent pending Crate Innovations crankshaft hub & slip yoke package. This assembly bolts directly to the crankshaft and does not require any torque tube housing modifications.

BorgWarner has released its latest addition to the EFR high-performance line, the EFR-9174 super core. The 9174 features a 74mm Gamma-Ti turbine wheel for quicker spool characteristics, and a forged milled compressor wheel with airflow capacity of the EFR-9180. The 9174 super core is available in both cast iron and aluminum bearing housings for added weight savings and can be paired with an EFR 74mm “B”, “C”, “D,” and “H” type stainless turbine housing.