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GST Racing Seals offers its Wide 5 Hub Seals with ultra low drag. These new Low Friction PLS Seals have been designed based on parameters originally developed for Formula 1 wheel hub seals. The seals are made to substantially reduce rolling resistance & provide the lowest possible drag while having full sealing efficiency.


QuickTrick Alignment, manufacturer of portable and compact alignment tools for cars, trucks and fleets, announces its hot new product. With a QuickTrick tool, racers can do your own front and rear alignment in your shop, in the pits and anywhere on the go, so you save money and aggravation. This kit is so complete it even comes with tape measures and Allen wrench. The system measures caster, camber and toe, so you can adjust every available spec on your car. Also available, is the QuickSpecs Alignment Database with access to OEM wheel alignment specs from 1960-2012 on all passenger vehicles sold in North America.  QuickSpecs is available on iPhone and on the website. After hands on research and development, the company has developed a QuickTrick Alignment application for almost every type of vehicle on the road, track and even off-road. All of the QuickTrick systems are designed for ease of use and accuracy to within 0.1 degree on caster and camber and 1/64th of an inch on toe. The average consumer can obtain measurements in 5 minutes or less. All systems come with simple and easy to understand instructions as well as videos on “How-To” on the website.

Aerospace Components offers its Pro Terminator Shifter for three-speed T-400 and T-350 transmissions with front and rear exit cable designs and dual gate plates. These feature forward and revserse pattern valve bodies, manual shift or electric solenoid options, a lightweight and compact design, and true one-hand operation. These meet NHRA and IHRA standards and are available with switch mounted in grip, as well as offer a built-in cable mount for Morse style cables.

World Products has redesigned its innovative block design, allowing the use of high flowing LS style cylinder heads with readily available and affordable SBC rotating assemblies and related components. The new World Products Motown LS small block Chevy engine features a camshaft location which has been raised in the block by +.134". The block now comes standard with a 55mm cam tunnel and cam cores are now readily available from Erson Cams at an affordable cost for this application. The design allows use of H-Beam connecting rods with a 4.000" stroke crankshaft, and the large cam core provides for exceptional valve train stability at high RPM operation. Standard SBC .842" or upgraded .904" lifter bores are available. Standard type SBC timing sets and timing covers as well as standard SBC oil pan and pump fitments are used, as are standard distributor ignition systems. These features let you use off-the-shelf SBC parts, avoiding the need for numerous expensive specialty components typically associated LS designs. World's priority main oiling system is designed to ensure reliable lubrication of the main bearings, and the SBC sump and oil pan eliminate the issues associated with high RPM oiling in the LS engine. A standard LS 9.240" deck height means standard LS intake manifolds can be used. The standard 4.120" bore finishes at 4.125" and 350 mains are available with a choice of ductile iron or billet steel splayed 4-bolt main caps. Quality ARP fasteners are used for superior strength and integrity.

Part numbers for the Motown LS blocks are:
084081 Motown LS,   4.120" Bore, 55mm Cam, .842" Lifters, Nodular caps
084081-904 Motown LS,   4.120" Bore, 55mm Cam, .904" Lifters, Nodular caps
084181 Motown LS,   4.120" Bore, 55mm Cam, .842" Lifters, Billet caps
084181-904 Motown LS,   4.120" Bore, 55mm Cam, .904" Lifters, Billet caps

Like all World's blocks and heads, The Motown II RC is 100% American made. World blocks are cast from high-strength iron alloys and are precision machined on CNC machining centers for unmatched accuracy. World's new digital inspection equipment and quality verification procedures ensure dimensional accuracy and mean you can be assured of total quality and superior performance.