Featured Products

KRC Power Steering has released a new thermostat housing spacer that is 1.5 inches tall. The half inch increased height moves the water bypass lines higher above the intake manifold so the hoses do not rub the intake and transfer heat to the manifold. The bypass holes are 3/8-inch pipe thread. It's machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and black anodized or it can be ordered non-plated.


Tilton Engineering has released its latest aluminum pedal assemblies, the 600-Series firewall-mount and overhung models. The new pedal assemblies feature fixed-mount master cylinder and balance bar technology and are suitable for any level of racing. Notable in the design are the guide "ramps" on the aluminum frame, which minimize friction and balance bar tipping while maintaining brake repeatability. The pedals on the new 600-Series assemblies have been engineered to fit the standard Tilton foot pad as well as Tilton's new wide foot pad. Either pad can be positioned to suit individual driver preferences through vertical, horizontal and angular adjustments.


PTP's turbo blankets are designed to improve the performance of turbocharged vehicles by isolating the heat of the turbocharger to the exhaust side, thus preventing loss of thermal compressive energy to drive the exhaust impeller (improving spool rate) and preventing the intake air pathway from rising in temperature, which can decrease efficiency. This thermal isolation also helps to prevent the turbocharger’s heat from damaging, or even igniting, nearby components within the engine bay. 


Designed to replace many OE style ­bushings, SPC’s xAxis Sealed Flex Joint is recommended for use as a bushing replacement when higher performance or joint angularity is desired—ideal for race and off-road builders.

• Sealed joint retains grease and excludes contaminants
• Highly polished electroless-nickel finish on ball maximizes durability
• Up to 45° angularity for high misalignment requirements
• Common sizes that builders and racers need

• Reduced compliance and deflection vs rubber and poly joints
• Improved durability vs spherical bearings and poly bushings
• Increased angularity vs rubber and poly bushings
• Engineered to be a direct fit for many popular street/race or HD off-road applications

Electroless-nickel plated ball ­provides hard, smooth wear surface for long life, and the corrosion and wear resistant nylon inner sleeve reduces compliance. Zinc plated retaining rings keep boot secure throughout increased joint ­travel, and the easily replaceable rubber boots protect joint from elements. Available in a wide variety of sizes, xAxis joints can be easily retrofitted into many stock configurations or can be the perfect fit when starting out a build or custom project.