Featured Products

Burns Stainless LLC Offers Custom Bending and Specialty Production Exhaust Fabrication. In addition to providing exhaust components for custom exhaust applications, Burns Stainless can also assist you with your production header needs. Burns offers custom bending services for production runs of 20 or more pieces. Utilizing mandrel benders, Burns can provide multiple bend tubes used in header or undercar exhaust applications. Bending capabilities from ¾” OD to 5” OD are available. Burns can also produce low-production exhaust systems for low-production specialty car applications. Burns can take the process from conception to production providing design, prototyping and production services.

Fibreworks Composites offers its 100 percent carbon fiber SFI 39.2-approved sprint car racing seat. It weighs approximately 16 pounds, offering a potential weight savings of 10 pounds. This seat has been approved by the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series.



Bend-Tech tube and pipe bending software provides the proper cut lengths, bend locations, bend angles, and rotations for all machines. For customers that work with a CAD program, it can import/export STEP or IGES files. For customers that do not have a CAD system we provide an interface to build an assembly. Straight parts can be added with the created bent parts to make a complete assembly.

Just introduced by LAT Racing Oils, this advanced engine assembly lube is made to deliver extreme protection for all moving components, including cam lobes, lifters, rod and main bearings, rockers, valvetrain, etc., during initial startup and prior to full oil circulation. This extreme duty lubricant is specially blended to provide high adhesion characteristics and an excellent barrier against rust and corrosion. LAT Assembly Lube is completely oil soluble and comes in 4 oz. bottles.