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Aeromotive’s new classic Mopar Stealth tanks bring the fuel system technology you find in today’s cars to your classic Mopar muscle car. By placing the fuel pump inside the tank, hot fuel handling issues, such as vapor-lock and cavitation, are eliminated. With the Stealth fuel tanks from Aeromotive, you now have an in-tank fuel pump that is properly vented and submerged in fuel at all times due to the innovative baffling system. Whether your ride is carbureted, EFI or a transplant, a Stealth Fuel Tank is an ideal upgrade. The following part numbers are now available for classic 1970-74 E-Body Mopars such as the Challenger, Barracuda and 1970-76 A-Body Mopars such as the Dart and Duster.

• 18342 Fuel Tank, 340 Stealth, 70-74 Challenger
• 18343 Fuel Tank, 340 Stealth, 70-74 Barracuda
• 18344 Fuel Tank, 340 Stealth, 70-76 Dart/Duster

These tanks feature the fuel pump built right into the tank itself, as well as an internal baffling system to ensure the pump is submerged in fuel—even at low fuel levels and in extreme driving conditions. With these tanks you’re strapping today’s technology into your classic, making them perfect for modern HEMI swaps and EFI conversions, while also working perfectly with carbureted engines.

• Billet top hat with O-Ring Boss supply vent and return ports
• Fuel level sending unit of matching OEM specs
• Includes filler neck where applicable

The HANS Pro Ultra Lite, 30 Degree has been approved by The Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), making the device one of the lightest weight 30 degree HANS Devices available to FIA and SFI sanctioned racers. The 30 degree HANS Pro Ultra Lite is manufactured in the USA by Simpson Performance Products and specifically addresses laydown or high angle seating for Indy Car, USF2000, Pro Mazda, Indy Lights, F1 and other open cockpit racing. Simpson’s top of the line HANS device also fills the void for an ultra-lightweight HANS that fits broad chested racers in more upright seating applications like sedans and sports cars. The HANS Pro Ultra Lite is engineered using aerospace grade carbon to achieve the weight savings while still providing a solid rear collar for optimal performance and sponsor recognition. Defined winglets securely guide restraints with ease. A low profile for easy entry and exit to the race car and abbreviated front legs get the job done with unmatched finesse. In races where ounces make the difference, consider the lightest weight HANS, the Pro Ultra Lite. The 30 degree Pro Ultra Lite is offered in size Medium only, which accommodates neck sizes of 14-1/2 to 17-1/2 inches.

Developed with contemporary technologies, including a high-rpm valvetrain, Chevrolet Performance’s new ZZ6 crate engine offers builders a modern twist on the classic Chevy Small Block 350. Available now for purchase, Chevrolet Performance offers the ZZ6 crate engine in Turn Key and Base versions. The Base kit (P/N 19351532) includes a single-plane aluminum intake, distributor, water pump, damper and flexplate, but requires the carburetor and other accessories to be added. The Turn Key kit (P/N 19351533) includes the carburetor, an air cleaner that matches the unique valve covers, the starter, distributor, alternator and additional accessories such as the air conditioning compressor and front-end accessory drive system. It uses updated Fast Burn cylinder heads with beehive-style valve springs inspired by the LS engine family—a feature that enhances high-rpm capability, enabling the new high-performance engine to achieve 405 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque. A pair of high-flow, Fast Burn-style aluminum cylinder heads, with large intake runners and 2.00/1.55-inch valves, enable the ZZ6 to flow big air, while the beehive-style valve springs offer exceptional high-rpm performance and durability. The unique, tapered shape of the valve spring allows for the use of a smaller spring retainer, which reduces the reciprocating mass of the valvetrain resulting in better valve dynamics. The ZZ6 also uses an aggressive hydraulic roller camshaft, with .474/.510-inch lift and 208/221-degrees duration, that supports the engine’s high-rpm airflow capability, while maintaining excellent low-speed drivability. Rounding out the rotating assembly is a forged steel crankshaft and durable, quiet high-silicon aluminum pistons housed in a four-bolt-main cast iron block. A pair of all-new, die cast aluminum valve covers caps off the new crate engine, giving it a distinctive, premium appearance.

Heck Industries offers its new Model 4000 Bevel-Mill plate beveler, designed for edge beveling for weld preparation and finish chamfering. The latest model uses a four-horsepower motor to create bevels up to 3/4 inches wide at 5–6 feet per minute .Weighing only 22 pounds, the tool is made to be comfortable to operate, and some features include variable angle, trigger operation and available variable speed.