Featured Products

Lincoln Electric has enhanced its next-generation Miniflex weld fume control system. Created for the welder on the go, the Miniflex is designed to remove and filter welding fumes wherever welding operators go, including confined and other hard-to-reach spaces. Unlike other, bulkier welding fume extractors, the Miniflex is unique with its standard wheels, handle, and lightweight, synthetic materials. It offers a dual-filtration system made up of a primary LongLife-H filter and a HEPA output filter. Lincoln Electric’s redesigned Miniflex also includes two new key features:

• Carbon Brush Early Warning System – Alerts the user when 80 percent of the carbon brushes have been consumed.

• System Airflow Check – Allows users to check the extraction performance of the unit and indicates when a filter is saturated and requires replacement to maintain optimal performance.


Something for the road racers, XRP—US distributor for JLS Air Jacks—offers that well-engineered air jacks now are offered in several new sizes. Made in the UK, JLS Air Jacks are now available in outside diameters of 88mm, 52mm and a new 60mm size targeted at the Porsche market. They are designed to be lightweight, reliable and economical. A complete line of accessory items are also available. 


Superior Tool Service, Inc. manufactures Solid Carbide Drills and Solid Carbide Spiral Burrs for cutting Composite. Use its Carbide Tapered Drill Reamer for precision holes in composite, Carbide Spiral Burr for edge finishing, and our Carbide Jobber Length Drill with special STS tip ground for drilling composite without delaminating your material.  Coating is available for your production runs. Fraction, Letter & Metric from #40 to ½”.


Prolong Super Lubricants introduces Nitro Racing Oils—new 70W and 50W drag race oil designed to deliver extra protection and performance in alcohol- or nitromethane-fueled race engines. Nitro Racing Oil features a blend of premium synthetic base oils and additives, and is formulated with Prolong’s advanced Anti-Friction Metal Treatment (AFMT) technology to protect against high temperature oxidation, wear and viscosity breakdown during severe use. Specifically formulated to meet the demands of high-displacement, high-RPM engines in today’s domestic and foreign race circuits, Prolong Nitro Racing Oil boasts effective detergent dispersants and corrosion inhibitors to keep engine parts clean and free of sludge, varnish and rust. Prolong’s Nitro Racing Oil is available in one-gallon, five-gallon and 55-gallon drum sizes.