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The Power Port is Turbosmart's largest and highest flowing blow-off valve ever, surpassing the benchmark set by its Race Port BOV, and adding additional functionality. The Power Port’s massive 2.5in inlet, supersized ports and carefully designed, CFD-developed flow-paths combine to achieve more than 550 CFM of flow. This means the Power Port has than enough breathing room for even the most powerful turbocharged and supercharged drag racing engines, preventing compressor wheel damage caused by compressor surge, and preventing throttle plate damage at the end of a run. Its dual-chamber design allows it to be used to aid turbo response and boost control during staging and during a pass. The Power Port is also available with a sensor cap, which can be used to log the valves position. This is ideal for custom tuning applications, replacing guesswork with reliable data. All this is packed into a lightweight yet strong billet aluminum body.

KRC Power Steering has manufactured an all-new Elite Series Power Steering Pump that’s CNC-machined in the USA and designed to be compact and lightweight. Sealed bearings are an upgrade from the standard bushings. Elite Series Pumps feature KRC’s Changeable Flow Technology - 9 flow adjustments, allowing drivers to adapt the steering feel at different tracks.


APSX WIDEBAND’s D2 Wideband Controller Gauges offers daylight view with anti-glare feature, good readability, data log accuracy, on-gauge menu control and more. APSX WIDEBAND also provides B2 Digital Boost Gauge with the same plastic enclosure to match the look of D2. The improvements on the faceplates include the non-destructible polycarbonate (PC) material and anti-glare coating to provide good daylight viewing. The avoidance from the daylight glare is achieved by eliminating the clear lens in front of the faceplate and adding anti-glare coating on the much thicker faceplate. There are black and white color options for the faceplates. APSX WIDEBAND D2 gauges also have five color options for the main LED display. You can select one of the red, blue, white, green or orange displays when you order. The button at the back of the gauge allows the user to change menu settings easily. The min/max thresholds for narrowband, analog limits and fuel type can be programmed without a need for a computer. 0-5V analog output is provided for data loggers and engine management systems. The digital output is also possible by using APSX WIDEBAND software on your computer.

Woodward-Fab announces its new professional forming center (#WFEW-Center) complete with a 33” English wheel, foot-operated shrinker stretcher, shot bag stand and dedicated dolly station.