Featured Products

Ashcroft bimetal thermometers are designed to be safe and reliable, eliminating the use of mercury to measure temperature. Available in dial diameters from 2 to 5 inches and in ranges from -80 to 1000°F (and Celsius equivalents), these instruments are available in standard stem lengths from 2 ½ through 24 inches and special order stems up to 60 inches. Ashcroft Maxivision thermometers are made to provide a fixed rear or bottom stem while the Everyangle design allows the stem angle to be adjusted. Hermetically sealed for easy wash-down or liquid filled to counter high vibration, Ashcroft stainless steel bimetal thermometers are ideal for virtually every difficult installation.

Mickey Thompson has expanded the growing list of “Big Tire” options of its ET Drag slick with the addition of size 34.0/13.5-16W, part number 3191W. Officially established in 2007, the Big Tire Development Program is a collaborative effort between real-world competitors and the Mickey Thompson research and development team resulting in continued drag tire and wheel product advancements. The ET Drag is engineered for maximum traction and consistent ET’s with superior construction and compounding for nearly every drag racing application.

UPR Products’ new Driveshaft Safety Loop is made for 2011-2014 Ford Mustang 5.0 with manual or automatic transmissions. The three-piece bolt-in installation is designed to make it quick and easy, and the driveshaft does not have to be unbolted during the approximate 10-minute install. Two-inch wide loop and brackets are made from 1/4-inch steel and zinc plated for corrosion resistance. The driveshaft loop locates within 6 inches of factory U-joint making it NHRA legal. Driveshaft Safety Loops are required on cars using DRs or Slicks or any car going 13.99 or faster.

GST Racing Seals offers its Wide 5 Hub Seals with ultra low drag. These new Low Friction PLS Seals have been designed based on parameters originally developed for Formula 1 wheel hub seals. The seals are made to substantially reduce rolling resistance & provide the lowest possible drag while having full sealing efficiency.