Featured Products

Melling Shark Tooth Billet oil pumps utilize an exclusive helical asymmetrical steel gear design to improve the operation of the distributor, resulting in less spark scatter and wear on the drive gear. The robust design will work even in the most demanding applications. Melling’s billet pumps consume less power as compared to competitor pumps. The length of the pump’s drive shaft has been increased to allow for additional support in the cover. Increasing the support eliminates shaft deflection which allows the gears to run true at high RPM levels. Melling billet pumps are available in both stock volume and high volume versions.

Ashcroft A-Series 316L stainless steel pressure switches now offer a greater selection of process and electrical connections. With the addition of male and female ½ NPT and 37° flare pressure fittings, both the watertight and explosion proof versions can be easily installed in a wider variety of applications. Additional electrical conduit fittings improve connection options while NACE compliant piston seals round out compatibility with sour gas applications. With expanded pressure ranges, the A-Series switch can now control pressure up to 15,000 psi.

Simpson’s unique memory fit Nomex fabric becomes softer with each washing and offers added protection at the track. No bulk, contrast memory stitching provides built-in comfort while retaining its shape throughout the day.
-SFI 3.3 rated; Made in the USA
-Unique memory stitching retains shape
-Antimicrobial fabric characteristic
-Available in Black and White
-SFI rated Long Sleeve Top and bottom available
-Short Sleeve also available (non SFI)
-Sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large


Trying to get some weight off the nose of a LSX-powered race car? ATI now offers Teflon anodized, 6061 billet aluminum water jacket and oil galley plugs. Part #951650A fits the water jacket holes, and 10 per block are needed. Part #951650B replaces the oil galley plugs, and 4 are needed. Don't put a heavy, rusty, steel plug in your new or freshly overhauled LSX steel block. Save almost two pounds and look good while doing it.