Featured Products

Cosen Saws, a global manufacturer of industrial band saws, has introduced MechaLogix Cosen Predictive Computing—a cloud-based system that offers a feature that monitors the performance of a blade and can accurately forecast the number of remaining cutting hours left before a saw blade dulls and is no longer cutting with precision or a complete breakage. MechaLogix also gives the user real time performance data and can report issues like excessive vibration, overheating and changes in fluid line pressure. The root cause of an issue is reported in real time, which equates to minimal down time and more efficient operations. The technology is intuitive and user customizable. Adjustable alert notification settings work seamlessly with the mobile app.

Blade Life Assessment – Monitoring and alert notification of a saw blade’s remaining useful life.   The technology will provide advance notice of required saw blade replacement.    

Increased Machine Efficiency & Machine Life – Our technology provides real time analysis of individual components and overall machine health status. It can send notification of abnormal conditions from motors and bearings. It also alerts on frequent consumable items like hydraulic and cutting fluid.

Increased Operational Efficiency – Our technology can provide production reports to aid in identifying best practices and training needs. Our advanced monitoring and notification system alerts the operation when machine maintenance is needed which aids efficiency in the scheduling of planned events.  

TeXtreme Technology is flexible and tow-size independent, which enables development of optimized reinforcement solutions tailor-made for specific application needs. Utilization of TeXtreme Spread Tow carbon fabrics and carbon UD tapes by manufacturers of advanced aerospace, industrial and sports products confirms that 20–30 percent lighter composite parts can be produced with improved mechanical properties and superior surface smoothness. TeXtreme is a registered trademark owned by Oxeon AB.

Wilwood’s Super Alloy Series (SAS) rotors are track proven on dirt late models, sprints, and midgets to provide a lightweight and cost-effective alternative to titanium, covering a wide range of competition applications. They are now available in an 11.75” diameter, .810” thick version that bolts to an 8 on 7.00” bolt circle mount. The specially formulated ferrous alloy passes all sanctioning body magnetic tests and weighs about the same as titanium parts at a much lower cost. This versatile alloy is compatible with a wide range of pad compounds and maintains high-friction values, long wear and low maintenance without the need for coatings. Three models are available in the most popular sizes for 8 on 7.00” and 6 on 5.50” pattern hubs, hats and plates.

KSE Racing Products introduced its latest in performance power steering systems with the new Black Series HPD Power Steering Pump. New features for this pump include black anodized finish with lightweight contrast profiling, increased pump pressure capability of 1600 psi, and lightweight heat-treated gun-drilled pump shaft for the ultimate in durability and performance.