Featured Products

New Professional Extreme 750 and 850 Siegmund welding tables are designed to be the toughest, hardest welding tables available. Constructed from through hardened tool steel and then case hardened again, these tables are made to last a lifetime. The Professional Extreme 750 has a surface hardness of 750 HV (~60 HRC) and the Professional Extreme 850 a hardness of 850 HV (~64 HRC). Tables come in various sizes to suit the user's fabrication needs, and the work area can be easily extended with another table or extension blocks for larger projects. The 10’x5’ table offerings are ideal for fabricating car chassis and related side projects.

Scat Enterprises offers a one-stop shop for LS needs, with a line-up that includes 4340 forged crankshafts, H-Beam and I-Beam connecting rods and balanced rotating assemblies. Its stroke ranges are offered from 3.622” to 4.250”, rod journals from 1.889”–2.100”. In addition, standard and lightweight designs are available—street to strip. In Scat's 2015 catalog, customers can see a complete line-up of its crankshafts, connecting rods & rotating assemblies available for the LS and other popular engine platforms.

Prothane has just released a TOTAL (full replacement) BUSHING KIT for the 2005–2010 models. These include; ’05-’10 Chrysler 300C, ’07-10 Dodge Charger, ’05-’08 Magnum and ’08-’10 Challenger. Handling and ride performance can be dramatically improved by replacing the OEM rubber parts with the Prothane components. Factory rubber parts deteriorate and rot, Prothane components are impervious to oil and grease which outlast OEM rubber bushings. These kits are built in the US (part 4-2010). Prothane offers suspension bushing kits, motor/transmission mounts, chassis mounts, and bump stops.

Pro-werks announced the availability of the black on black color combination, in addition to the rainbow of brilliant anodized color options currently available in the Easy Turn fill cap assemblies. This combination compliments the popular all black plumbing that is growing in popularity. These products are precision CNC machined of billet aluminum in the US. Complete with hardware and gasket, these are an easy bolt-on, direct replacement for either six-bolt or 12-bolt fuel cells.