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By John Kilroy on November 21, 2011

SEMA's Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council has organized two events at the PRI Trade Show, and we wanted to help spread the news. They would like you to RSVP to either, or both events, that you plan to attend

RSVP for MPMC Hall of Fame Ceremony at PRI Trade Show
MPMC will once again hold its Hall of Fame induction at the annual PRI Trade Show on Friday, December 2, from 8 to 9 am, in room S310 of the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fl. Continental breakfast will be served. Use this online form for a quick RSVP to the MPMC Hall of Fame Breakfast.

Chuck Blum, Todd Gartshore, Rick Rollins and Nate Shelton...

By John Kilroy on November 17, 2011

We've seen many instances in the past several years when the value of promoting to a business has suffered as owners concentrated so much on lowering overhead and closing sales. It's a reasonable response considering the pressures companies were under, but we have to remember that promoting is what leads to the next new sales opportunity. Plus, in a time when so many are unfortunately cutting back in this key area, smart and affordable promotion is most critical in a battle for your share of the market.

Buyer attendance at the PRI Trade Show has remained steady and stable despite the economic downturn. PRI has kept the exhibit aisles packed! The main attraction is the incredible conglomerate of ingenious new racing products...

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By John Kilroy on November 15, 2011

Marketers throughout business today are seeking ways to connect to customers through recent smartphone technology. QR codes allow smartphone users to snap a photo, which will then take the user to a website, including video on the internet.

It's a pretty impressive concept. Someone walking by a QR code, or finding it in a print publication, is instantly immersed in an internet world of the company's choosing.

One idea of using this technology for racing retailers and race engine builders would be to have a QR code in a public place at a race track to start the connection process with a potential new customer, introduce a new product or describe a new sale event.

Goodridge is using the expanded capacities of...

By John Kilroy on November 11, 2011

One of the strengths of the racing industry is that the number of grassroots racers has always been far greater than most people can imagine. PRI magazine was the first to add up all the racers many years ago, and it served as a powerful tool for a lot of racing businesses to take to their bank or investors to prove that there's a heck of a lot more racers than the 33 at the Indy 500 or the 43 at the start of a NASCAR Cup race.

Our first figure was 400,000, including all open wheel, stock car, drag, off-road, road racing, autocross, vintage, Legend and everywhere else someone was running a car in a competitive event. It was a big ballpark figure, plus or minus 50,000, but we've never seen it called into doubt. As the racing...

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