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By John Kilroy on February 10, 2012

In less robust economic times, companies tend to turn up the heat when it comes to battling for market share. The sense is that the most direct path to growth is to take business away from other companies. Get a bigger slice of the pie. And there’s a lot of truth to that. Every once in a while, though, it’s good to remember the enormous value of another path to growth, particularly for racing companies: make the pie bigger. For many years, racing industry sales expanded on the fact that the sport was thrilling, increasingly safer and ever easier for the less mechanically inclined to enjoy. Number of participants grew and grew. Small racing businesses popped up to provide local inventory, customer service and ‘value added’ insights as to...

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By John Kilroy on February 2, 2012

Carl Olson has been a real leader in the drag racing segment of the auto racing industry for decades, including a stint as NHRA vice president for international relations. We just received a report that he was inducted into the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame.

Below is the citation regarding Carl's induction. Congratulations, Carl, and thank you for all you've done for racing.

An enthusiast for all types of motor sport, American Carl Olson started to visit drag race events as a spectator during the mid-1950s. He first drove a fuel dragster in 1964, but his greatest success on the strip came when he joined up with Mike Kuhl and by 1972 he was IHRA Top Fuel World Champion and a regular Top Fuel Dragster winner at NHRA...

By John Kilroy on February 2, 2012

Fifteen race carburetor businesses from around the country were represented in the inaugural Carb Shootout organized by BLP Racing Products, and held in its Orlando, Florida, facility just prior to the opening of the PRI Trade Show. By all the accounts we've heard, it was good fun with highly respeced race carburetor experts participating. We understand plans are already in the works to do it again in 2012.

There were two ‘shootouts’ utilizing the BLP Revolution inertia dyno by Excelleration. Chad Mullins, of Mullins Race Engines, provided the 430ci small block race engine, while Steve Schmidt, Steve Schmidt Racing, provided the 618ci big block race engine.

Mark Whitener won the small block competition, while AED...

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By on May 15, 2014

The Christmas and New Year’s holidays are now over and it is now the end of the first week in January. Like everyone in the racing industry, I also look to a number of indicators to gauge what is happening and predict how current events will affect the coming season in terms of business opportunities.

Indicator number one for me is the feedback we are receiving about the 24th annual PERFORMANCE RACING INDUSTRY Trade Show. Even though it has been more than a month since thousands of racing businesses came to Orlando to do business, we are still receiving amazing messages from both exhibitors and attendees about the happenings on the show floor those three days. The fact that exhibitors did a substantial amount business, combined...

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