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By John Kilroy on March 8, 2012

The starting point for the birth of the RaceSaver Sprint Car Series, founded by French Grimes 17 years ago, was to provide a place for the working man to go open wheel racing. “I’m trying to be like Johnny Appleseed. I want to see RaceSaver across the country as a good Sprint Car class,” he continued. “I want it to propagate and continue to be a class that blue collar guys have a chance to race in. They can come and race with us, bring the whole family and have fun, and even if they don’t win, they’ll be treated with respect.”

The series has now grown to 650-plus drivers at 60-plus tracks, and recently partnered with the IMCA for further growth!

There's a lot of acitivity in the racing industry right now in series and...

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By John Kilroy on March 8, 2012

There’s a lot of activity right now in various forms of racing and sanctioning organizations that are focused on ‘fun and affordability’ in racing, and offer a way for a regular working guy to go racing.

In discussion on this subject in oval track racing, the POWRi Racing organization comes up in the conversation pretty fast, with its POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget Series. If you want to look for growth in the racing industry, this is a good place to start.

We spoke with POWRi’ Ken Brown last week, and he shared the “key ingredients” in his successful formula.

First, the tracks are dirt tracks, and they are no longer than 3/8ths of a mile. This format is easier on equipment,...

By John Kilroy on March 6, 2012

We attended the MAZDASPEED Media Day on Tuesday, and always enjoy being part of this event, with so many of the Southern California-based motorsports journalists in attendance. Dean Case does a terrific job creating energy and news at these events, and John Doonan and Jim Jordan are creating a powerful new path when it comes to a car company utilizing motorsports to sell cars. The MAZDASPEED team can go from bold 'high concept' marketing to flawless 'boots on the ground' execution at events without skipping a beat. Pretty amazing to watch.

You’ll see a racing references in Mazda’s cool new TV advertisement. Click here to view it on YouTube. More importantly, you’ll see tons...

By John Kilroy on February 23, 2012

Well known author and engine builder David Vizard has captivated an audience of race engine builders and members of professional race teams for two years running with his tech seminars at the PRI Trade Show. His one-hour (it actually ran 2-1/2 hours by the time he made it out the door) tech seminar for Scat in a jam-packed meeting room at the 2010 PRI Trade Show was followed up at the 2011 PRI with a return for Scat and also one for Dart.

Vizard first made the move from author to seminar presenter in 1995 with a performance seminar at the University of Colorado at Denver. It was a great success, and was followed by many more seminars at universities through 1999, when he moved to Tobago (an island in the Caribbean).


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