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By Jeff Butcher on July 26, 2012

Spirited conversation often leads to an explosion of ideas. Often, the conversation weaves its way down a road that is different than the original route installed in our mental navigation system.

Recently, I found myself doing research on selecting company names and product names. During my search, my goal was less about companies and products and more about the impact that quality naming has on products and services. I truly believe that some products and companies end up succeeding due to the emotions formed on the name alone. Oh sure, the companies and products have to be good enough for the names to gain lasting relevance, but I do wonder if an impactful name is the initial kick start that propels business inertia in the...

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By Jeff Butcher on July 19, 2012

A shimmering golden door hides a giant corporate machine that produces the next racing star of tomorrow. Once the door is opened the legendary machine guarantees racing fame and a long money filled career. Mesmerized, parents forget the comforts of home and stand in an endless line in hopes of placing their offspring in the proficient golden gadget located near a 2.5-mile oval Florida shrine. Reputation convinces parents to try and they are certain the elusive hardware will do all of the work instantaneously transforming their child into the next racing hall of famer.

Nearly all youngsters would be better off honing their skills at their home track, but Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart and Kasey Kahne are rumored to be products of the...

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By Paet Hidalgo on July 12, 2012

With tighter credit requirements, dwindling profit margins and stiff competition, inventory-based companies have less room for error when it comes to generating cash flow; for many it’s become a real question of survival.

If you’ve been in business for a couple of years or more it’s likely that you’re doing a lot right, though most small businesses according to statistics, started out with more enthusiasm than formal business training and capital. This is especially true in the racing industry.

Analogous to finding that magical racecar setup that puts you out front, positioning your business to be competitive in the market place can come down to some very subtle tweaks.

Running a successful business usually requires...

By Jeff Butcher on July 12, 2012

Company leaders sometimes believe that hiding on Earth there is a magic bullet manager that will come in and fix every ill with a single shot. Magically, all of the things we want done are beamed into the company just by hiring a mythical outside expert. Imaginations dream of the hired gun with a quick trigger fix. It seems we can value the opinion of people we barely know more than people we work with everyday? Familiarity can diminish respect for those that we rely upon most?  If the mythical magic bullet employee does exist, my question for you is; what is their name, when do they start and how much do I have to pay them?

I think the concept of magic employees is a breakdown in the managerial process and should be...

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