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By John Kilroy on March 12, 2013

If you’re in the business of auto racing, it’s a wonderful thing to witness a line of race vehicles for tech inspection that begins at 9 a.m. and keeps going virtually nonstop until past 5 p.m. That’s what happened at the Parker 425 off-road race earlier this month, in Parker, Arizona. We worked the midway on Friday with a PRI booth as part of our buyer attendance development efforts for this year’s PRI Trade Show in Indianapolis. It was great fun to watch the fans mingle with the teams right in front of our booth, as the race vehicles made their way to Tech Inspection. Well over 200 race vehicles were entered in the competition,...

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By John Kilroy on February 11, 2013

Substantial buying activity throughout the exhibit hall and well-attended events marked the final appearance of the PRI Trade Show in Orlando, following an extraordinary 8-year run in this terrific host city. After 25 years, the PRI formula continues to deliver results to the racing industry suppliers that exhibit their new product lines. Industry buyers appreciate the broad spectrum of new racing technology for their review. It is the place to get absolutely current with contemporary technology in racing, in addition to catching up with old industry friends and colleagues. The Show serves as the three biggest business days in racing.

There were also many educational opportunities and lively social...

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By Jeff Butcher on January 17, 2013

Creating a new idea is a special accomplishment. While special, just because you think up an idea, it pays to consider that ownership of ideas belongs to more than just the individual. Ideas only take on life when they are supported by groups that are larger than the singularity that created inspiration. Feel good about inspiring others and your ideas will take on larger-than-life expectations. If you revere those that went out on the limb with you in support of the idea presented, you will find a higher level of success than you could find on your own.
Ideas are truly owned by the groups of people that pledge their belief. Ideas that are void of support muddle in the quicksand of challenge. Life is sucked out of...

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By Jeff Butcher on December 17, 2012

Customers are business. If you buy into the simple concept that business is lifeless without customers, then it follows that “your” customers are “your” business. The complications beyond this thought are the distractions that derail visible activities, yet your efforts will be more efficient if you keep your mind on simplicity.

It is simple—customers are business. The equation is more personal if stated, Your Customers = Your Business.

Since customers sustain business, then taking action on customer input will create more activities that can enhance the customer's perceived value of your efforts. The math is simple. More Customers = More Business. Absolute sales dollar volume and profits are the result of increased...

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