By Christen D'Alessandro on October 4, 2011

This week, I visited Mazda R&D in Irvine, California, and had the rare opportunity, along with a handful of other motorsports journalists, to sit down with CJ Wilson, starting pitcher for the Texas Rangers, and discuss his baseball career and, more importantly, his racing aspirations.

I was especially intrigued with how Wilson’s baseball career plays a big part in making his racing dreams come true. As a young boy he knew he wanted to be a race car driver before he even started playing baseball, but he also learned that the sport of racing has a hefty price tag attached to it. Wilson’s dad told him that if he wanted to get a race car he’d have to get a “cool” job to be able to afford it....

By on May 15, 2014

For our PRI team here in Laguna Beach, this time of the year is always exciting. There are many things happening and everyone is very busy working on a variety of projects that include the three big fall issues of PRI Magazine (October, November and December). Then we have our Trade Show team working long days to get everything in order for our 24th Annual PERFORMANCE RACING INDUSTRY Trade Show at the Orange County Convention Center that opens on December 1st. Also, coming in to visit us for the last three weeks was Arianna Maugeri, our European marketing specialist. Arianna works with Francisque Savinien and plays a key role in developing international attendance as well as exhibitors. Upon her arrival she was very exited to share with...

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By John Kilroy on September 27, 2011

We had a great day yesterday visiting with Tim Huddleston, High Point Racing, and Jeff Schrader, Racecar Factory. And we have an interesting idea of theirs to greatly expand the number of people promoting ticket sales at a local short track.

They’re both important assets to the racing at Toyota Speedway at Irwindale, where Tim’s driver development program fields several cars in the track’s top late model series. The Racecar Factory builds the cars for High Point Racing, and the series. As a driver, Tim has won more late model races at Toyota Speedway than any other driver, five track championships. This year, Brandon...

By John Kilroy on September 27, 2011

Auto racing and cable TV have had a long and successful marriage. Those who may not have been around at the beginning might not know that auto racing drove the cable TV business at its birth, and cable TV, in turn, greatly expanded the number of TV hours devoted to auto racing, thus helping the sport to expand its customer base.

Cable TV discovered a big competitive advantage in auto racing that was largely ignored by the old broadcast TV business model. Cable TV found a great sport with a huge following that was tremendously underserved when it came to television. If ESPN put auto racing on TV, then race fans would have to get cable TV to watch. So, auto racing drove cable subscription.

Furthermore, auto racing came...

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