By Jeff Butcher on May 27, 2012

Racing crew chiefs sign up for pressure-packed decision making and relish the opportunity to make important choices with split second efficiency. With all the distraction and activity found during racing action, crew chiefs analyze available information and act with the authority creating a teamwork model that applies in business.

Crew chiefs sit atop their pit box perches and look forward to the challenge of hundreds of crunch time decisions. Like crew chiefs, great managers  relish making important decisions. During the race battle there is little time to consult others. Prior planning identifies the specific roles of each team member and with no more than a single word, or hand signal, eager team members perform their...

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By Paet Hidalgo on May 27, 2012

Racing retailers that are in business for the long haul have more to gain from taking care of business than just the margin made on the brand named racing products they sell. In addition to growing your clientele at some point you may want to expand your operation, open more locations or sell the business and move on.

It’s common for small retail businesses to start up without much thought given to the importance of registering, marketing and protecting their business name, eventually many go on to develop or market private label products under their company name with considerable investment.

Your business identity is your brand, and you need to protect and promote it like the valuable brands you represent and sell. Your...

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By John Kilroy on May 14, 2012

This will be the 25th year that the PRI Trade Show has been delivering business opportunities for racing entrepreneurs. And right now, from the Art and Editorial Departments on the first floor, through the Expo Department on the second floor, to the Sales offices on the third floor, the building housing PRI is buzzing with activities that will result in a 2012 PRI Trade Show guaranteed to offer you, the racing professional, more solutions to your motorsports challenges than you can find anywhere.

As we’ve heard over and over these past couple of years, “It’s not 2007 any more.” The world has changed. Distribution has changed. Media has changed. Racing has changed. Most racing entrepreneurs have successfully left the past behind,...

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By John Kilroy on May 14, 2012

Here’s another note we’d like to share from our trip to Australia to visit with high-performance and racing companies as part of Australia Automotive Week. A US magazine journalist and myself were able to get some private time with Richard Dalla-Riva, who is currently Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations and Minister for Manufacturing, Exports and Trade for the state of Victoria.

It’s always great to meet with any government official who’s ready to support the performance racing industry, but it’s especially fun to meet with someone who’s done some wrenching in his time as Dalla-Riva has.

A former policeman in Melbourne, Dalla-Riva is quite capable of performing his duties in laying out the big picture of...

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