By John Kilroy on July 15, 2011

We greatly enjoyed a visit to the PRI offices yesterday by Ryan Flaherty, national chairman of the National Auto Sport Association (NASA), which has 13,000 participants nationwide. The series offers one of the easiest and most affordable entry points into racing, and we at PRI are very appreciative of a series like NASA that transforms so many fans into racers, because that’s the beginning of sales of racing products.
Here’s an exchange from the NASA website forum that may not seem too exciting at first, but it’s a magical moment when a racer is about to be born…and sales of a helmet, driver suit, specialty lubricants, chassis tuning equipment, suspension parts, engine services and more...

By John Kilroy on July 13, 2011

Testing electronic fuel injection for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Kentucky Speedway this week was a pretty historical day. Dr. Andrew Randolph, ECR Engines technical director shared a brief Q&A interview with the race media.

YOUR THOUGHTS ON HOW THE TEST FOR THE ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION (EFI) IS GOING FOR THE FIRST TIME ON A NASCAR SANCTIONED TRACK: “It is going very well. We are setting the transient characteristics of the engine. That is how it works when you get into the throttle and out of the throttle because that is where fueling becomes a challenge is when you’re having rapid changes in the throttle position. That is what we are spending most of our time working on is the calibration for when they...

By John Kilroy on July 7, 2011

Here’s a quick behind-the-scenes moment at PRI: Greg Zyla, senior editor of Performance Racing magazine, has been a cornerstone piece of the publication’s strong editorial foundation for more than two decades. Greg writes our monthly Industry Insights feature, where he creates an in-depth Q&A with virtually all of the leading figures in the racing industry. Greg has a unique gift of being able to establish a friendly, down-home tone in the interviews while also getting the news like the experienced journalist that he is. Plus, Greg’s personal history as a racer, in addition to being a newspaper publisher, keeps the focus on the racer’s point of view regarding current events in racing.

The results...

By John Kilroy on July 7, 2011

We at PRI have always believed that the racing aftermarket is one of the strongest allies a professional race team can have, especially teams that don’t have the biggest budget in a particular series.

In these especially challenging times, the smaller professional race team still needs the innovations necessary to win this year, but they also need to stretch their budgets. It’s our belief that the kinds of innovations and savings they seek are all on display at every PRI Trade Show.

With 1100 exhibiting companies displaying the latest advances in racing equipment and machinery in 3200 booths, it only takes a few strategic deals on new components to make a difference in the following race season’s...

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