By Jeff Butcher on October 8, 2012

Established roads can set you on your way and ultimately wind around business challenges, driving you away from sound business decisions. The roads of positive change drive you and your business along a more direct route, making the trip fun, rewarding and profitable. Your business and employees will thrive if your drive includes a road map that is embraced by all. Going along for the ride is replaced by the excitement and anticipation that accompanies participation. The destination of success is one sweet ride.

To truly drive your business, setting destiny in your favor, it pays to educate your team while painting a detailed description of the ultimate destination. It seems reasonable that the road to success will lead to...

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By John Kilroy on October 8, 2012

Growing up, I knew car racing was on the TV by the sound of the voice coming out of our family room. If it was Chris Economaki, it was time to watch television. Racing was on.

I didn't experience National Speed Sport News until I started at PRI 22 years ago. One of the first directives to me upon getting hired was, "Read Chris Economaki's column every week." And that was a directive I passed along to every editor or salesperson ever hired by PRI in my time here. Chris told it like it was. There was one place to find the news in motorsports with no spin attached.

Chris' prose reminded me of some of the great newspaper columnists I had come to admire, from the LA Times' Jim Murray to Chicago's Mike Royko. They were all of...

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By John Kilroy on September 28, 2012

I was going over my notes from my visits with racing companies in Indiana this past summer, and was reminded of my visit with Joe and Brenda Gaerte, of Gaerte Engines, Rochester, Indiana. I sure enjoyed reminiscing about Earl and all he did for the racing industry. The Gaerte Gatherings of long ago were great fun, and most informative. There was sadness, too, as Joe and Brenda shared the experience of Earl's last days.

While Gaerte Engines no longer utilizes the full facility that Earl built over the years in Rochester, which grew to be quite large, Brenda and Joe are definitely maintaining a race engine machine shop producing competitive race engines. They explained that Joe was...

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By John Kilroy on September 21, 2012

We applaud the Quarter Mile Foundation's "night to remember" in the tribute roast it organized for Linda Vaughn, a true icon in motorsports culture and a neighbor just down the road a piece to PRI. The tribute was held at the “Sports Palace” at the Lucas Family Estate in Carmel, Indiana on Wednesday, August 29. Here's a report by Steve Cole, of the Quarter Mile Foundation:

The building was filled to capacity with over 300 attendees, who witnessed a “love fest” tribute to the “Queen of Speed.” The overall tone of the roasters was one of respect, admiration and love for one of motorsports’ most beloved icons.  There were funny stories, but many were tributes to Linda’s unwavering love of the motorsports and the performance...

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