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By John Kilroy on October 15, 2013

Reed Morales and I greatly enjoyed a trip this past weekend up to Van Nuys for the open house for Ed Pink Racing Engines. Frank Honsowetz is now running the operation, with Tom Molloy as CEO. However, Ed Pink was there, and naturally, a star attraction. At one point, I found myself talking to Ed and Harry Hibler, a driving force at Peterson Publishing back in the early days. I had to tell them that when I was reading Hot Rod magazine back when I was 13, they were the ones creating the world I daydreamed about when reading the magazine. I thanked them.

It was also amazing to have Ed Pink explain his custom dynos, and point out fixtures that were manufactured by Art Chrisman back when Art worked...

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By Dan Schechner on October 8, 2013

Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio, is recognized as one of the premier drag racing facilities in the country. It’s been in operation since 1963, and since 1974 has been owned and operated by the Bader family. Bill Bader III is the owner and president of Summit Motorsports Park, and its continued growth and success going into 50 years of operation is a testament to his ability to adapt to changes and trends in the marketplace. Following are excerpts from a recent interview with Bader, conducted by Chris Vopat of the Emerging Trends & Technology Network (ETTN) Select Committee at SEMA, PRI's parent company.  

Part 1: Advanced Marketing

Looking at how a successful facility like Summit...

By Dan Schechner on September 19, 2013

Upping The Ante: One positive trend we’ve observed of late is a number of big events raising their purses to all-time-high levels. Of note, last month’s famed World 100 at Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio, saw a record $283,910 on the line for an expanded racing menu covering three full nights (September 5–7) of competition.

A few weeks later, the 38th Annual Red Clay Classic at ABC Raceway in Ashland, Wisconsin, offered total prize monies in excess of $80,000 for its two-night season finale, drawing some 200 WISSOTA-sanctioned Late Models, modifieds, super stocks and Midwest modifieds from the Upper Midwest and south-central...

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By John Kilroy on September 12, 2013

For 25 years, the PRI Trade Show has offered a host of memorable personal experiences, from terrific conversations with industry friends, fun events like the Grand Opening Breakfast, insightful business management seminars and more fun out on the town as racers took over the city.

However, if you boil it down to numbers, the main objective for attending buyers is pretty much one thing: new racing products. It’s the never-ending search for hot new parts engineered to push the envelope of speed, according to the first-ever survey of buyers and exhibitors at the PRI Trade Show, conducted last year under the direction of Gavin Knapp, senior market research manager for SEMA.

We very much appreciate Gavin’s work as the numbers...

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