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Whenever I see a particularly hard crash in one of NASCAR's national touring series, I get to thinking about how far safety has come at the top levels of racing. Changes range from the new soft walls and head & neck restraints to improved seat belts and driver seat designs.   
In my own late model race car, I like to think I take advantage of all the new safety technology available to me. But when I look around at some of the other teams at my local tracks, I see a huge lack of emphasis on safety. 
Why is that? Why does top-level racing have the latest and greatest in safety equipment and the bottom-level guys don’t?  
I believe the answer is a...

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By John Kilroy on May 15, 2015

From this vantage point at PRI, it certainly seemed there were changes taking place in racing industry marketing that may not have always been the best thing for the companies shifting their approach. Too many companies, it seemed, were finding a sense of comfort in restricting marketing to the development of their own e-commerce website, regular email blasts to their own customers and maintaining a presence in social media to stay connected to their customers. Unique website visitors, email open rates and Facebook likes are important, and racing companies have done a pretty spectacular job in evolving with new digital media. However, the concern is that some racing companies may have essentially stopped sending messages outside of...

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By Dan Schechner on May 7, 2015

* Numbers Game: Some people just aren’t good at math. I include myself on that list. As the numbers get bigger and the calculations more complex, my mind usually wanders onto more enjoyable topics, like anything else.

But now, thanks to a dedicated group of motorsports professionals, parents and educators in Central Pennsylvania, there is hope yet for the numerically challenged.

Recently, a pair of programs kicked off at Monroe and South Mountain elementary schools in which students are rewarded for spending a little extra time on their multiplication tables. Under the Final Laps Math Fact Challenge, an additional 10 minutes of after-school arithmetic earns each student one lap. After completing 10 laps,...

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By Jim Cozzie on May 1, 2015

So, the big green hammer dropped!
I know what everyone is thinking: Danica Patrick did not perform up to expectations, she is not adapting to heavy stock cars—or my favorite, her Cup career is over.
Not so.
Was this a good move for the folks at GoDaddy? Certainly they think so, just by virtue of the announcement.
But here’s the thing in business today: Every marketing program has a defined shelf life.
It's clear the GoDaddy brand enjoyed success with Danica and NASCAR over the past three years. But whenever a company or...

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