By Annamarie Malfitana-Strawhand on April 22, 2015

The 2015 race season is now underway—or will be shortly—throughout much of the country. And while many racers would simply like to focus their attention on racing itself, it’s just as important to make sure that racing budgets are built to last all season long…and beyond.
In addition to converting smaller sponsors into full-season supporters—or up-leveling associate or product sponsors to full-level partnerships—race teams should be focused on how to get sponsors to come back year after year.
My previous entry addressed some of the key questions racers and their teams should ask themselves before...

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By Nelson Hoyos on April 14, 2015

Let me start by clarifying that “drag racing” is a sport, not a term that should be used in the mainstream media to identify a high-speed accident on the street. The term “speeding” is usually not used either—rather, they claim that multiple people were “drag racing,” and the cars got out of control and caused the accident.
Racing, or high-speed driving, is a fact of life, as many of today’s automakers tout horsepower, 0-60 MPH acceleration and overall performance as reasons to buy a particular vehicle.
Decades ago, National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) founder Wally Parks had a vision to provide a safe environment for hot rodders to race their cars...

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By John Kilroy on April 14, 2015

Just a quick note to companies that exhibit in the PRI Trade Show: April is the month to go online, complete the exhibit contract for the 2015 PRI Trade Show in December, and provide a deposit.
The deadline is May 1.
We suggest you do it today. Use the link below to get started. It's a pretty fast process:
PRI will take all of the companies that have completed the online exhibit contract by May 1, and provided a deposit, and plot them on the initial floor plan for the 2015 PRI Trade Show that we will unveil on June 1.
Returning exhibitors from the 2014 PRI Trade Show have...

By Dan Schechner on April 2, 2015

* 50 Years Of Specialists: Universally revered for his skills, his innovation, his character and, most of all, his race-day success, Keith Dorton is a legendary figure among modern race engine builders. The owner/founder of Automotive Specialists in Concord, North Carolina, is responsible for propelling countless vehicles to victory lane in ARCA, ASA, CARS Pro Cup, NASCAR’s touring divisions and many others over the past five decades.

Yes, 2015 marks 50 years in business for the shop whose roots extend to the famed Holman-Moody racing operations, where Dorton cut his teeth and honed his craft. But beyond the wins—including the Daytona 500, Snowball Derby and...

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