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Think about what it means to “Pay It Forward.” Most of you have probably seen the movie, or at least heard of the idea.
In this blog entry I’m going to try to motivate you to do something for someone else—for FREE. It seems like a hard sell these days, or is it? You may be thinking, “Well it depends on what you want me to do” or “How much is it going to cost me?” Or both.
Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to meet and talk with some great people in the racing business on the floor of the PRI Trade Show, and I can’t help but see so much potential and opportunity for “Pay It Forward.”
Now let’s be clear: “Pay It Forward” is not a business or networking opportunity. Rather, it...

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By John Kilroy on September 17, 2015

If there is one racing industry topic we should all be discussing, and sharing our best strategies, it is email marketing. Back in the primitive days before the internet, PRI magazine editorial profiles of the best racing retailers always contained a few paragraphs on their practices of collecting postal addresses for prospects and customers. It was no coincidence that the best collectors of customer contact information were also the best retailers of racing products. Technology has progressed, and now the email address is the marketing gold once represented by postal addresses.

Last year, the PRI Trade Show moved to a new registration process where we asked for an individual email address for every registrant. We promised to...

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By Dan Schechner on September 8, 2015

* Service Matters: Forty years ago, two brothers from Statesville, North Carolina, decided to build a drag car. Their car proved road-worthy, as one might assume, and the pair subsequently became fixtures on the local drag strip. Their hobby soon morphed into a business, however, when word spread through the pits—and beyond—that Steve and Mike Heintz always had a cache of replacement parts on hand in case of breakage. As racers came calling, the business grew from a garage-based operation into what is today one of the area’s best known speed shops.

Since 1994, Heintz Performance has occupied a spot of prime real estate in the shadow of Charlotte Motor Speedway. And its...

By Jeremy Croiset on September 1, 2015

At last year’s PRI Show, NASA (National Auto Sport Association) announced an exciting and innovative new racing series debuting in 2016. The NASA Prototype (NP) Series features the NP01, an all-new closed-cockpit, prototype-style race car developed by Georgia-based Élan Motorsports.
The announcement drew tremendous interest, and Élan Motorsports quickly filled its initial production run. NASA and Élan expect interest to grow as the first NP01 customers receive and start campaigning their new NP01s, so additional production planning is underway. 
What makes this series unique is that it features a...

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