Earl Gaerte's Car Club Is Setting Up A Scholarship Fund
By John Kilroy on November 7, 2011

The car club that engine builder Earl Gaerte helped start--the Blacktop Cruisers--is currently collecting memorial donations and contributioins to set up a scholarship fund in honor of Earl. The scholarships would go to local Indiana youths entering the automotive technology field.

The goal is to create a self-sustaining trust to keep the Gaerte legacy alive for many years to come through these scholarships.

The Blacktop Cruisers got its start in 1998, and has maintained an average of about 50 family memberships through the years.

The address for donations, along with contact information is as follows:

Blacktop Cruisers, 971 South Prairiewood Dr., Rochester, IN  46975. Chris Peterson is president, and he can be reached at 574/551-6405 or

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