By John Kilroy on June 26, 2013
There’s an old joke about economists that goes, “If you laid all the economists in the world end to end, they still wouldn't reach a conclusion." That's why...
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By John Kilroy on June 26, 2013
On behalf of the PRI team, I wish to express our appreciation and utmost respect for all of Jason Leffler’s extraordinary achievements in the sport of auto racing, and share...
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By John Kilroy on June 13, 2013
As my father would exclaim when something big happened around our house, “Man, oh, man!” Those were my words when we completed the initial floor plan plotting process...
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By John Kilroy on April 17, 2013
It’s Saturday night, April 6, and I have the good fortune to be sitting high up in the packed grandstands of Irwindale Speedway for the opening night of the 2013 race season.
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