By Dan Schechner on February 5, 2016
A new report out of IUPUI's Forensic and Investigative Sciences program has revealed a potential game-changer in the pursuit of fair play in racing...
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By Dan Schechner on December 29, 2015
Beyond the product launches, the networking, and all the business taking place at PRI 2015, there were a handful of moments that really helped bring this event into focus...
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By Dan Schechner on November 13, 2015
IMRRC in Watkins Glen, NY, is hosting a daylong program on Saturday, November 14, to help preserve the Moody Mile’s memory...
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By Dan Schechner on November 5, 2015
'Approach a sponsorship with a set of tangible objectives, an open mind, and an understanding of the partner you're about to join...'
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